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Our Artists
Meet some of our members who exhibit regularly
(those marked with a T also teach at Atwell and those with an H are part of our Challenger Tafe Heathcote Studio 5)

Amanda Harris T   Painting,
Atwell House Spinners     Spinning, Knitting
Aurdrey Krewinkel     Ink, Coloured Pencil, Design
Barbara Reeve     Pottery
Beryl Hadlow     Pastel Paintings
Brigitta Nowland   H Painting and drawing
Caroline Marinovich T H Painting and Drawing
Chris Marshall T H Painting, drawing, digital art
Colleen Rintoul   H Painting and drawing
Dana Shave     Watercolour
Deb Weber     Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour
Debra Scidone     Watercolour, Pastel
Donna Price T   Actylic on Fabric, ,
Elizabeth Miocevich-Turner     Pottery,
Ellen Hardman     Painting
´╗┐Elsie A Williams     Watercolour,Sketching
Eve Gellatly     Pottery
Hilda Klap     Printmaking, Drawing & Painting
Irene Stone     Watercolour, Mixed Media
Ivana St John     Painting, Watercolour, Mixed Media
Jan Purser     Oil Painting
John Lewis     Watercolour Painting
Joyce Merrick     Oils, Pastels, Watercolours
Jude Scott T   Painting, Watercolour, Oils
Margaret Thomas (Mardi)     Painting - Oils and Pottery
Margaret Fane     Painting
Mary Cowell     Painting
Mary Thomas     Painting - diverse styles & media
Mitzi Smith     Painting,Sculpture
Moira Churack     Oils,,
Noelle Moriarty     Acrylics
Pam Lockwood T   Painting, Mixed Media
Pamela Eddy     Watercolour, Pastel,
Richard Hardwick     Watercolour Paintings
Ruth Costello     Oil Painting
Sandy Robertson     Watercolour Painting
´╗┐Shirley Winstanley     Acrylic Painting,
South of The River Potters Club Inc.     Pottery,
Steve Marshall     Fine Art Photography, Woodcraft
Suzanne Valente     Watercolour, Chinese Ink, Acrylic,Mixed media, Pastel