National House Energy Rating Scheme

The scheme measures the amount of energy required to keep a home comfortable and produces a rating out 5 stars, not unlike the energy rating stickers on whitegoods.

The aim is to reduce the amount of energy consumed in cooling and heating homes and consequently the amount of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere. A home with a rating of 5 stars will be much cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in than one of 2 stars, and produce less pollution.

An increasing number of councils in NSW are requiring a minimum number of 3 1/2 stars before building approval is given. It is envisaged that a rating of 3 1/2 stars or more will become mandatory for all new homes in all councils in NSW and eventually all over Australia.

Please note:The scheme only covers the building envelope and does not cover appliances or hot water systems.

How does it work?

The building dimensions, construction type, address and other features are entered into a software programme (currently NatHERS V2.31). The programme calculates the internal temperature and energy, if required, to keep that temperature comfortable every hour for a year. The climate is determained by the postcode. A brief report is produced, detailing the heating and cooling energy required per square metre a year and the number of stars.

For even more on NatHERS, HERS Management Body (NSW).

Links to the relevant state government bodies

This department produces a great little booklet called "Energy Efficient Housing for Perth" available
on 1300 658 158.