Two 1:100 drawings of all plan views and side elevations or sketchs with all dimensions either shown or easily taken off the drawings are required.

This information needs provide

  • the internal dimensions of each room
  • the location and size of each window and door
  • the internal wall height is also required - if there are two different heights, the areas each height applies to will need to be labeled clearly
  • any neighbouring buildings and trees to the east, north and west of the home to provide shading details

  • where different floor coverings occur (Tile, carpet, parquetry etc areas need to be clearly labelled on the plans.)
  • details of building material specifications.


The charges are $180 for the first rating and $150 for subsequent ratings. There is no charge for identical designs (shading must also be identical).

Design advice is available for $50 an hour (minimum of one hour).