thermal assessment checklist

THIS IS AN interactive online assessment that may well take less time to actually do than to download. It is a copy of the checklist that the Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council accepts as part of its energy efficiency housing policy.

PLEASE NOTE THAT the values used are only apply to the mid coast of NSW. All other areas will need different values.

THE VARIATION IN climate and the angles of the midday sun with the horizon mean the values of most of the items on the checklist will be very inaccurate. Homes built in the far north of Australia for instance, have no 'winter'. In Tasmania, the winter values will have greater importance, and, generally, would be significantly bigger while the summer values would be less.

THE VALUE, however, in going through the exercise is that it gives an indication of the various critera that need to be considered and a rough approximation of their importance.

Click here to get to the checklist, big download!(60k).