Leeming weather - recent data

Leeming weatherstation Recent amateur weather station readings at Leeming, Western Australia (Open Street Map: S32.069 E115.865; Google Maps: 32.069S 115.865E ; timezone is GMT+8). Below there is data for the most recent 24 hours, 7 days, 28 days, and the last 5 years. The latest readings are from (No accuracy is claimed for this data).

The nearest Oz Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather station is at Jandakot about 3km to the south. I have also plotted a comparison between my weatherstation and Jandakot for the latest 14 days .

Thanks to Jim Easterbrook for the pywws Python code to summarise the data and present this webpage. As a variation to Jim's approach, the hourly data presented here follows the BOM convention of summarising data from 9am the previous day to 9am on the “index” day. Due to the low wind values (due to lots of trees and other obstructions) the wind rose graphs for Leeming (with the exception of the Jandakot comparisons) are categorised into 5 km/h segments rather than the BOM convention of 10 km/h.

I'm now using a Raspberry Pi to process and upload the data on an hourly basis. I'm using a Raspbian image and found Peter Mount's (Part 1) Blog most helpful (installing-a-usb-weather-station-on-a-raspberry-pi-part-1).

I've tweaked the installation of the weatherstation a bit to try and handle an installation on a suburban block in a temperate/hot climate with lots of trees. Not sure if any of this helped very much, but I:

  • Raised the wind vane as high as the cable will stretch to try and alleviate the impact of nearby trees
  • Modified the rain gauge to have much higher sides to address possibly low rain readings
  • Placed the temperature gauge under a marine ply shelter to address high temperature readings
  • Summary of the latest 24 hours

    The latest readings are from (No accuracy is claimed for this data).

    Readings from the latest six hours

    Graphs of the latest 24 hours

    Graphs of last 24 hours weather
    Wind rose for the last 24 hours

    The latest 7 days

    Graphs of last 7 days weather
    Wind rose for the last 7 days

    The latest 14 days compared to Jandakot

    The following graphs plot a two week period for Jandakot and my WeatherStation. They show the strong correlation between most of the data for the two sites (except for wind due to the trees on our block).

     (Click for more info comparing my station to Jandakot).
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    I've made a comparison between the readings from the WeatherStation and data from the BOM site for Jandakot for a 14 month period from January 2012 to February 2013. With the exception of wind readings, the average readings are fairly similar and help validate the performance of the device. Here's a summary:

    Graphs of last 14 days for Leeming and Jandakot
    Wind Roses of last 14 days for Leeming and Jandakot

    The latest 28 days

    Graphs of last 28 days weather
    Wind rose for the last 28 days

    The last 60 months

    Graphs of last 5 years
    Last modified: 09 March 2013 (weather data is from )