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updated: 09/05/2022


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01/08/2009 - In this chapter the completed Canard is fitted to the Fuselage, aligning it so that it is level, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the fuselage in plan view and with the airfoil at the correct angle of incidence.

Step 1 Fitting Alignment Pins

A number of builders have fitted bolts here instead of using the plans method of installing Pins made from AN3-20A bolts.  Apparently it is easier to remove the canard when using bolts.  I have decided to proceed with the plans method and if I have problems later on I will remove the pins and install bolts and a nutplate.

Step 2 Aligning the Canard

The first part of this step is to ensure that your fuselage is setup absolutely level, fore & aft, and from side to side, checking along the top of the longerons and F22 bulkhead.  The canard was then trial fitted and checked for level as well as for perpendicularity to the fuselage centre line, by measuring from the canard tips to the centreline of the firewall.  The left side was out by about 1 cm and I needed to place a 1.5mm shim under the left tab to get the canard aligned correctly.  I created a BID pad the same thickness and glassed this onto the F22 bulkhead, where the left tab is located on F22.  The canard was then replaced and all measurements rechecked.

IMG_3905.JPG (132305 bytes)        IMG_3915.JPG (137386 bytes)        IMG_3911.JPG (66232 bytes)        IMG_3919.JPG (91941 bytes)

To set the canard angle of incidence to 0 the plans state that you need to trim your fuselage sides between F28 & F22 to allow the canard to sit at 0, confirmed with the contour template F.  Instead of going through a process of trimming and trial fitting, until the correct angle was achieved, I decided to use both the E & F templates together, along with a spirit level.  The templates were placed on the outside of the fuselage and tilted until 0 was obtained.  A pencil was then used to trace the outline of the bottom template E onto the side of the fuselage, which should mirror the bottom of the canard, when at the correct angle.  Using a rotary sander on my drill, I then proceeded to sand both sides of the fuselage down to the pencil outline.  The canard was then refitted and was almost perfect the first time round.  A little fine sanding & tapering on the top inner edge of F22 resulted in a perfect final setup at 0.

IMG_3918.JPG (106195 bytes)        IMG_3921.JPG (89143 bytes)        IMG_3923.JPG (130728 bytes)        IMG_3925.JPG (137486 bytes)

I then drilled through the bottom lift tabs and fitted temporary AN3-20 bolts, before moving onto making and fitting the top two alignment Tabs out of 0.25" birch plywood.  This part went smoothly as per plans.  I used a C-Clamp to carefully press in the "CG Products" supplied CN2 bushings before reposition the canard in the fuselage, so that the bottom tabs could be drilled and the CNL bushings installed.

IMG_3929.JPG (89585 bytes)        IMG_3931.JPG (89307 bytes)        IMG_3935.JPG (95553 bytes)        IMG_3937.JPG (110077 bytes)

Step 3 Fitting Elevators & Torque Tube to the Fuselage

The elevators were fitted back onto the canard and the complete assembly was then trial fitted onto the fuselage.  The inboard edges of the elevators were slowly trimmed to suit the sides of the fuselage, with a 3mm gap, with full trailing edge down.  Material was also removed from the fuselage sides to allow the torque tube offset enough clearance.  The Plans talk about fashioning a filler piece to fill the gap around the torque tube on both sides to stop wind and rain, I'm not sure how I'm going to do this for now and have left this until later.  When I was happy with the final fit, I again removed the canard and laid up I ply BID on top of the fuselage sides and over the face of the left & right Longeron and doubler.  After cure the 3/16" holes in the doublers were drilled out to 1/4" and the alignment pins permanently installed with flox.

IMG_3940.JPG (86897 bytes)        IMG_3941.JPG (104656 bytes)        IMG_3947.JPG (90162 bytes)        IMG_3948.JPG (78965 bytes)



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