Chpt 13 - Nose and Nose Gear

Chpt 12 - Canard Installation



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13/08/2009 - In this chapter the Nose gear box is built which contains the Nose Gear strut, Electric Gear retraction & extension assembly and Nose cover.  The Pitot tube piping and Rudder pedals are also installed in this chapter.  I will not be using the plans method for extending the front nose wheel and will have decided to install Jack Wilhelmson's electric nose lift. This is a lengthy chapter, so I have added links to the 11 Sections below:- .

Step 1 Reinforcing the Glass Strut

Step 2 Fabricating the NG-30s

Step 3 Installing the Drive Assembly

Step 4 Installing the Box Assembly onto the Fuselage

Step 5 Nose Floor and Sides

Step 6 Installing the Rudder Pedals

Step 7 Installing the Master Brake Cylinders

Step 8 Completion of the Nose Gear

Step 9 Piping the Pitot and Static System

Step 10 Closing the Top, Carving & Glassing the Outside

Step 11 Nose Door



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