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updated: 09/05/2022


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Step 1 - Roll Trim

I purchased the Roll Trim Handle CZRTH from CozyGirls and made the CZRT-1 block from 1/4" Birch Plywood, traced from the plans page 17-1.  I drilled 2 X 3/16" holes in the IP at W.L.7.125 & W.L.8.0 and fitted the Handle with the required washers and spring.  I found that the plans specified bolts AN3-11A & AN3-6 were just too short and I needed to go to the next size up.  I then floxed and glassed the CZRT-1 blocked into place with 1 ply Bid.


I then proceeded to make the 2 x CZRT-3 Bulkheads from 1/4" Birch plywood tracing the sizes directly from the plans.  Using a profile gauge I adjusted the shape to fit the bottom of the fuselage on each side.  I then hollowed out the leading edge on both of the bulkheads with the Dremil to allow the 3/16" Nylaflow tube to sit nicely into the bracket making floxing them into place easier. Once cured I then glassed them both with 2 Ply UNI.


I straightened out an old Coat Hanger and used this to align the CZRT brackets with the Roll Trim Handle and the Torque Tube.  The Brackets were then glued into place using 5 minute epoxy, floxed and taped into place against the fuselage side with 1 ply Bid. I won't run the Cable until I have the Wings & Canard permanently fitted.


Step 2 - Pitch Trim - Won't be following the plans method here and will be installing the Strong Electric Pitch Trim unit, which is supplied with a set on Install/Operating instructions, the Actuator, Fuselage mounting bracket, Nutplate, AN4-4 Bolt, Vinyl Washer, Roll Pin and Reverse Relay.

Step 3 - Landing Brake and Centre Console - Won't be following the plans extension method here and I will be using Wayne Lanza's (Composite Design) electric landing brake motor in place of the manual system outlined in the plans.


Step 4 - Throttle Quadrant - Still shopping for a suitable quadrant.  I haven't ruled out fitting a Constant Speed Prop, so holding off until I have sorted out the Pros and Cons?

Step 5 - Landing Light - Won't be following the Plans method here either and have installed 2 x 1800 Lumen LEDS into the Nose.



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