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updated: 09/05/2022


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In this chapter I will be building the wings and ailerons, and attaching them to the Central Section Spar and attach the CS Spar to the fuselage. This is quite a large chapter, but I hope to get this done in the next couple months.  I did manage to purchase a set of Eureka Wing Foam Cores from a builder in the States and decided at the same time to buy the Wing Jigs directly from Eureka, even though I had already made a set of Jigs myself as per plans.

Step 1 - Building the Wing Jigs

I cut out the templates from the M-drawings and glued these to 3/4" MDF board.  I was worried about paper shrinkage and tolerances, since I had received the drawings more than 10 years back, but proceeded to marked these out and cut them as per plans using the Band saw and a rotary sander on the end of the drilling machine to get the cut out close to the outline on the drawing template.  


Step 2 - Setting up the Jigs

I marked out the dimensions and placement of the Jigs as shown on Page 2, Fig 5 and secured the bottom half of the Jigs to the table with Steel 90 degree brackets at both ends and further braced the Jigs with diagonal wood pieces as shown.  I secured all of these with wood screws instead of Bondo. All jigs were level both vertically and horizontally and aligned with a centre line.


Step 3 - Cutting Foam Cores

I purchased the Eureka CNC cut Foam cores saving myself a lot time making jigs and hot wire cutting.  The boxes were unpacked and the various sections for the right and left wing were laid out on the garage floor, so that I understand how they went together before trying to set them up on the table in the Jigs as they are cut and numbered different to the plans with about 13 pieces per wing.  The quality was excellent and from the experience I had cutting the canard Cores, I would never have achieved this accuracy and finish.  The Eureka Cores also already had the Torque Tube and Electrical conduits cut out and the 6" wedge (LWG2A & LWG3A - Eureka numbering), which the plans have you cut off FC1 on Pg3, Fig.10 is provided already cut so that you can remove the centre.


Step 4 - Assembly of Foam Cores & Lay-up of Shear Web

Step 5 - Bottom Spar Cap

Step 6 - Bottom Skin

Step 7 - Top Spar Cap

Step 8 - Top Skin

Step 9 - Wing Ribs

Step 10 - Ailerons

Step 11 - Controls

Step 12A - Attachment, Wing to Centre Section Spar  

Step 12B. Wing Line-up and Line Bore

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