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updated: 09/05/2022


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Like many other Cozy builders out there I would love to be able to have alternatives to the Lycoming engine.  I have looked into and read many articles on Auto conversations and installations like Subaru and Mazda rotary 13B engines and unfortunately I still do not feel comfortable, with all the reverse engineering that has to be carried out to make them work in an aircraft application.  This is more to do with my own technical abilities in ensuring a suitable outcome is achieved rather than the chose of engines available.  Maybe in 2 or 3 years time when I reach the stage when I need to start looking for an engine and have the time to just focus on building an engine, I might be tempted to go down the Rotary engine path, especially now that the RX8 Renesis engine has hit the market.

 If I had the money and needed to purchase an engine today for my yet to be built Cozy and didnít mind the initial upfront purchase costs or the ongoing high maintenance costs, I might consider the Superior 360 Kit Engine.  Over the next couple years, whilst Iím building, I will be keeping a close eye on the progress of the Deltahawk Diesel Engine and if they are still around and proven by the time Iím ready to purchase, I will definitely be changing my mind and by the looks of the success they have just had at the Avalon Air show and some Reports I have been reading on the Internet, things are looking very positive.  It is a two-stroke engine, has less moving parts, runs on Jet-A fuel, has a better fuel consumption and power to weight ratio.  The purchase price and overhaul costs are far cheaper than a Lycoming as well.

I have listed below some engine websites that might be of interest to other Cozy builders: - 


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