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Here are a couple photos of the Eagle 150, which I learnt to Fly in and a link to a PowerPoint Slide show of my First Solo  departing Jandakot Airport for the Training Area.

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Curtin Flying Club Cessna 172 - VH-MVD

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23/01/09 - As part of my AFR, I decided to attend an Emergency Manoeuvre Training course (EMT) with the local Aerobatic Flying Club, ACFT (Advanced Cockpit Flight Training) based out of Jandakot Airport, Hanger 9A, Maule Road. My thoughts were that this type of training could only improve my flying skills, especially seeing that I had only flown about 10 hours over the last 2 years and most of that was normal straight and level stuff, with the occasional step turn.

As part of my PPL training I had never experienced a Spin or been taught how to recover from one, just how to recognise a Stall and to avoid a possible Spin. I also had never experienced any sort of aerobatics or unusual attitudes in an aircraft and felt seriously lacking in experience and the skills required, if I ever found myself in trouble. I had heard good things about the EMT course from one of the Curtin Flying Club members, especially about Jeremy Miller's professional approach in presenting and Instructing the course. So cap in hand and a little apprehensive about what lay ahead, I got in touch with Jeremy at ACFT and booked myself onto the course.

EMT Flight training was completed in the clubs two immaculate 8KCAB Super Decathlons and consisted of approx. 4 hours flight training, with pre and post flight briefings. Training was broken up into 4 separate sessions, starting off with the pre flight, flying exercise, approx.1 hour and a de-brief. The 4 sessions covered Unusual Attitude Recoveries, Stall Spin Awareness and Advanced Aircraft Handling. More on the EMT course can be found on ACFT's website -

I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their general flying skills and awareness. For me it was great to get out there and experience what an aircraft can actually do and how to safely recover from various situations & attitudes with the confidence of knowing you have someone like Jeremy sitting in the back seat. I came away from the course with a lot more confidence, some great flying tips from Jeremy and with a better understanding on basic aircraft aerodynamics.

8KCAB1 Super Decathlon VH-FKQ.jpg (26265 bytes)        Decathlon banking.jpg (424539 bytes)        Decathlon inverted.jpg (369969 bytes)        Decathlon.jpg (476828 bytes)        Super Decathlon VH-FKM.jpg (37557 bytes)



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