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Eight to Five

I suppose we all have to work at something in order to afford the things that make us happy in life and even though I have spent a number of years working on ships or at sea, I’m still waiting for my Ship to come in! And until it does, this is what I do to make ends meet. 

I currently work for MTU Detroit Diesel Australia as a Logistics Manager assisting the Royal Australian Navy with the maintenance of the MTU Primary and Auxiliary Diesel Engines installed into their fleet of Anzac Class Frigates.  The HMAS Anzac ship shown below was commissioned more than 10 years ago, with Ship 9, HMAS Toowoomba due to be commissioned in 2005 and Ship 10, HMAS Perth in 2006.  The following Navy website provides a good description of the CODOG propulsion system, as installed into the ANZAC Class Frigates.

image003.jpg (46155 bytes)            image005.jpg (79996 bytes)

Here is a pair of MTU 12V1163TB83 main engines being readied in the workshop before installation.

image007.jpg (98311 bytes)        image009.jpg (101901 bytes)

From 2005 MTUDDA will also be providing the 2 main propulsion common rail diesel engines (16V4000M70) for the new Armidale Class Patrol Boats being manufactured in Perth, by AUSTAL Shipping.  The first boat HMAS Armidale is currently in the water, with another 14 due for delivery over the next couple years.

image011.jpg (83595 bytes)        image013.jpg (22428 bytes)        image015.jpg (88315 bytes)

Here are a couple photos of the first MTU 20V8000 common rail engines sold into Australia.  They have been installed into the “Benchijigua Express”, a high-speed vehicle-passenger ferry for the European ferry operator Fred. Olsen.  With 44,000 horsepower provided by four MTU 20V 8000 diesel engines, driving three waterjets, the Auto Express 127 trimaran will be able to maintain Fred.  Olsen, S.A.’s projected service speed in excess of 40 knots (75km/h), and carry 1,350 passengers, over 340 cars and a substantial number of trucks.

image017.jpg (97085 bytes)        image019.jpg (100469 bytes)

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