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updated: 09/05/2022


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My research into the Cozy IV began more than 4 years ago with an accidental Internet search, which took me to Nat Puffers website and as they say, from there the rest was history.  I have remained consistent in my determination to one-day step out onto the tarmac and climb into my own Cozy plans build aircraft and during these past years of Internet surfing, flying and dreaming, no other kit or plans built aircraft has tempted me to stray from the canard path.  Over the years I have visited and followed with interest as many Cozy\Canard Builder websites that I could find and have lurked in the background on the Canard Community Chat sites, gathering as much information as I could. 

So the following steps were just formalities needed to start the ball rolling. 

23/02/2005 Visited Bill Keehner today at Jandakot Airport, who is a SAAA Chapter 24 member and a VariEze owner\builder of 25 years.  I obtained SAAA membership forms from Bill, which is required if you ever want to obtain an Airworthiness Certificate and being a participant in the Builder Assistance Program also ensures that certain standards and guidelines are followed.  There are a few VariEze \ LongEze aircraft hangered at Jandakot and Im hoping to be able to organise a ride one of these weekends.  Until I actually get to meet all the members Im not sure how many build projects are currently in progress.  I hope to provide a little more information about what other members are flying or building at Jandakot under the SAAA Section.

06/03/2005 I emailed both Aircraft Spruce and Wicks Aircraft last week requesting information regarding the MGS Epoxy and expected shipping costs from the States.  Janet Schumacher from Wicks replied to my email the very next day and was very helpful, still waiting for a reply from Spruce.  I would expect Shipping costs to be cheaper from California and need to confirm how much more I would pay if I purchased from Wicks, who are based in Madison County, Illinois.

Wicks confirmed that I would not be able to import the epoxy resin from overseas, due to the regulations pertaining to the handling of hazardous substances and stated that I would need to find a local supplier.  I have managed to confirm that MGS has an Australian distributor based in Melbourne and that they can supply 35kg epoxy resin L285 and hardener H285 (or 286 or 287) in the correct mix ratio (25kg L285 plus 10kg H285/6/7) for AUD$1,265 (incl. GST).  Transport to Perth (door to door) would be about AUD$105. Two 35kg kits would make up the 17Gals specified in the plans.  Due to shelf life I will only be purchasing one 35kg kit this year and the remaining 35kg kit next year.

Prices received from local Perth Fibreglass and foam suppliers seem to be very expensive, so I will be ordering these items directly from Wicks or Spruce, to be included in my bulk order.  Prices started at about AUD$15 per metre for Fibreglass and Divinycell H45 and H100 averaged about AUD$200 per 10mm (3/8") sheet (2400mm x 1200mm).

07/03/2005 I finally managed to complete the layout and content of this website, so that my log keeping requirements for the duration of this project are met.  I hope to have it uploaded and made available on the Internet by the time my plans arrive.

10/03/2005 I placed my order with Aircraft Spruce today for the Cozy IV Plans, extra M drawings and POH.  Whilst Im waiting for the plans to arrive, about 4 weeks airfreight through USPS, I will make a start on getting my Garage \ Workshop organised and the extension completed.

04/04/2005 Collected the plans today from the post office and paid AUD$78.30 to cover the Customs Goods and Services tax.  Dont think Im going to get much sleep tonight.