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updated: 09/05/2022


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This page is where you can find information on what has been spent on this project to date.  I built this section in order to find out what the ultimate cost of building the aircraft would be.  While I've done a lot of research to try and obtain an accurate final figure, one really doesn't know until it's all done.  Regardless, I hope this information will be of use to others who are considering building one of these fine birds.

One thing to consider is that the costs here reflect only purchases made from the point of deciding to build the plane.  My workshop was already equipped with most of the common & basic hand tools; however I had absolutely nothing as far as tools specifically aimed at working with composites.  Things like respirators, gloves, scissors, etc. were included in the Wicks Bulk order detailed below.  Any additional Cozy related expenses incurred during the build process will be captured in the Misc. Tools and Equipment spreadsheet.

All overseas supply costs have been converted to AUD$ at the conversion rate applicable at time of payment. 





Bulk order from Wicks for all Chapters Except Chapter 22

Wicks Aircraft

Paid Bank TT


Cozy IV Plans, Extra M drawings and POH - US$105.15 USPS Charges

Aircraft Spruce

Paid - PayPal


Tinted Canopy and windows US$75 delivery charges to Wicks

Todd Canopies

Paid - Bank TT


N1L - Electric Nose lift US$25 delivery charges to Wicks


Paid - PayPal


MKAA & MKNG6A - US$25 delivery charges to Featherlite


Paid - PayPal


Main Gear, Nose Gear, Cowls & TB - US$320 delivery charges to Wicks

FeatherLite inc

Paid Bank TT


2nd FeatherLite Order. FeatherLite inc Paid Bank TT $2031.41

Electric speed brake actuator Kit

Composite Design

Paid - PayPal


Strong Electric Pitch Trim $210 + $32 for dual stick relay

Alex Strong

Paid - PayPal


Vance Fuel Gauges

Vance Atkinson

Paid - PayPal


Antenna Builder's Kit (2802) and Antenna Reference Text (RST-8020)

RST Engineering

Paid - PayPal


Rudder Pedals US$350 +$15 delivery charges to CG Products Dennis Oelmann

Paid - Bank Cheque


Cosy Classic Fwd Opening Canopy Plans - Eur 40 + $15 bank charges Uli Wolter Paid - Bank Cheque


CG Products,  Custom Metal Parts - US$3276.91  CG Products Paid - PayPal


Superior XP IO-360-B1AC2 Engine - US$21,400




MGS Epoxy - L285 & H285\H287.  $1265 per 35kg kit + $159.00 delivery

MGS Australia

Paid So Far


Misc Tools and Equip


Paid So Far


Spray Painting




Upholstery material




Instrument Panel, Radios & GPS + Chapter 22 - Electrical




USPS charges to Perth and USA Delivery Charges to Wicks


Paid So Far


Freight (Door/ Door), Wicks Order to Perth, Includes Quarantine Charges

Atlas Global



Bank Transfer Fees $20 this End and $35 for the Receiving Bank

Local Bank

Paid So Far


Customs Duties and GST on imported goods see comment below

Australian Customs

Paid So Far






  • Since January 2005 all imports from USA into Australia are duty free, if more than 50% labour or material content is local.   10% GST is applied to the total import value, which includes insurance and shipping costs.  Reference the Australian Customs Services website for further information on Item 31 relating to Aircraft Parts.

  • United States postal Service (USPS) Inter Air.  To deliver the Cozy Plans cost US$105.15 and took about 3 weeks to arrive.

  • Due to restrictions on the transport of hazardous substances, I could not import the MGS Epoxy and sourced it directly from an Australian based MGS Supplier, The delivered cost being only about $10 per kg more than the overseas quoted price.  There is normally a $50.00 HAZMAT fee to pay for each delivery.

  • When paying by PAYPAL some suppliers insist that you pay the 3.9% credit card service fee.  This is OK for small amounts up to $1400, for larger amounts it is better to pay the fixed $55 Bank transfer fee.

  • The first 8 items on the list above were purchased at the same time from the USA and shipped together as one consignment made up of 2 skids each 73 x 77 x 50 weighting 553lbs ea, total of 1106lbs and 1 crate from Featherlite at 113 x 9 x 7 weighting 63 pounds.  This price included all associated shipping costs i.e. Fumigation, Customs clearance and Port Charges as well as collection and delivery. 

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