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This web site is in no way affiliated with or sanctioned by the SAAA and should be used for entertainment use only.  Here is the link to the official SAAA website.

Over the next couple years I hope to be able to provide some updates and interesting photos from the local Chapter, on other homebuilt aircraft projects, currently in progress or completed and flying.

2/03/2005 - Received my membership number (06501) and information pack today and completed the application form to join the SAAA Builders Assistance Programme.

13/03/2006 – Lindsay Danes appointed as Technical Advisor for my project.  1st visit completed with the Project completed up to the end of Chapter 6.  All good, no issues to report. 

06/12/2008 - Lindsay came around and completed his 2nd visit and inspection with the project now advanced through Chapter 7 to Chapter 10, with the exterior of the fuselage contoured and glassed, Head rests, Heat Duct and hard points fitted for the seat belts.  The main landing gear assembled and fitted along with the Air brake.  The R1145MS Canard had also been cut, assembled and glassed.

09/05/2010 - Lindsay Danes and his brother Geoff (also a Long-Eze builder and flyer) stopped over for a cupper this afternoon and a review on my progress.  Since the last visit I had managed to finish Chapter 11 and 12 and was now in the middle of Chapter 13 with the Nose gear box built and the Nose Gear strut fitted, along with the Electric Gear retraction & extension assembly.  The nose sides and floor were in the process of been glassed and fitted. The inspection went well with no problems to report, so head down, bum up and keep pushing on.  

18/09/2016 - Lindsay Danes came around and completed his 4th site visit and inspection with the project now advanced through Chapter 14, with the main Spar almost completed.

SAAA WA Regional Fly-In to Bunbury - 23rd & 24th April 2005

Xmas 2005

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