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updated: 09/05/2022


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                                 Welcome to Kevin Dove's Website


Member of  SAAA, Chapter 24       

Cozy Plans No. 1372  

This website is not a full record or account of every step to be followed during the building of a Cozy aircraft. There are many websites by other builders, who have done or are doing a far better job than I could ever do.  This site is just an attempt to show or record, as accurately as possible, that I built at least 51% of this aircraft and to also share some of my experiences along the way with other builders.  The hours listed in the Chapter logs are only very rough estimates of actual time spent working on the project. I have not kept a precise hourly timesheet and have only kept track of elapsed time, which to me is a more meaningful guide to overall progress.

I will be building as per the plans and do not have any intentions, at this stage anyway, of making any major modifications.  I would like to install during the build process some improvements recommended in the Cozy newsletters, like the electric speed brake actuator, electric nose lift and electric pitch trim.  I will also be looking at changing the hinge arrangement for the canopy, so that it opens forward and not to the right hand side, making it easier for the passengers to get in and out of the aircraft from both sides, without walking over the seats.  I feel that these items are easier to install now, rather than trying to upgrade later.

Based in Australia and obtaining materials is going to be a little challenging and from conversations Iíve had with other Aussie builders, who have already completed LongEze or VariEze projects, they all advise that the most cost effective approach is to arrange one large shipment from Spruce or Wicks, covering all chapters.  The value of the Aussie dollar against the Greenback has improved greatly over the last couple years, making this option a little more attractive. From what I have been told even with import duties, taxes and shipping on top of the material cost, you are still way in front by importing from the States.  There are a couple components like the Landing gear bow from FeatherLite and the canopy from Airplane Plastics, which I would like to include in my shipment.  Coordinating all these extra bits to be included in one big consignment from the States might be a little difficult to arrange, but I will cross that bridge when the time comes.

A little about myself

I live and work in Perth, Western Australia, and have wanted to build an aircraft for many years, even before I learnt to fly.  I spent many hours deliberating on the correct and more sensible approach to building my own aircraft.  I basically had 2 chooses build first and then learn to fly, or learn to fly first and then build the plane.  After some peculiar looks from people when discussing these options, I eventually decided, I would put building the Cozy on the back burner for 2 years, whilst I allocated the time and finances to obtaining my PPL.    Picking the Cozy Mark IV was always a no-brainer for me, as there just isnít anything out there that comes close to the performance, overall cost to build and the wow factor of this aircraft.

I do all my flying from Jandakot Airport and learnt to fly through one of the local flying schools based at Jandakot, Phoenix Aviation.  I obtained my Private Pilots License back in March 2004.  I have since completed a Constant Speed Prop and Retract Endorsement and would like to add a Night VFR Rating to my license as well.  I learnt to fly in an Eagle 150, mainly because it had a joystick and a Canard wing and was the closest thing I could find to a Cozy to fly in, just not as fast or as sexy.  I moved onto Cessnaís out of necessity to complete the navigation part of my license and I can honestly say that I cannot wait to have something a little faster and more comfortable to fly cross-country in.

Personal Interests

  •     Flying whenever I can find the time and money

  •     Sea Kayaking and fishing when I donít have the money to fly

  •     From a previous life working in the IT industry, I still enjoy messing around with computers

  •     Building my own aircraft should now be added to the list, as I donít think Iím going to have much time to
        do any of the above, once I start.

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