Employment Sharing for IT Micro and Small Business 

Presented in this chapter is a new concept in human resource management, Employment Sharing. This concept is discussed within the dynamic context of the IT industry in Australia.  The proposed employment arrangement moves the focus from the traditional one-firm-one-role- centric employment to multiple-firm-one-role-centric shared employment across micro and small enterprises (MSEs). With our human resources playing a critical role in our MSEs, the industry must adapt to meet their changing needs and demands.
This chapter contributes to the literature on human resource management (HRM) by engaging in discussions surrounding this innovative employment sharing arrangement that is focused on resolving pressures generated by the nature of the IT industry itself, combined with the nature of micro and small enterprise stages of growth.   The main aim is to demonstrate a move to new methods of HRM in MSEs – a sector that is obviously significant, and to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding emerging HRM practices that impact business operations and work arrangements by predicting possible future trends in the industry. We propose a solution to benefit employers, staff and the industry as a whole. We also discuss the implications of this type of arrangement on HRM. It is hoped the discussion will have an impact on contemporary employment relationships in particular ones where micro and small enterprises are seeking to increase productivity whilst managing the associated costs.