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Descent into the Depths of the Earth

The Justicar and Escalla join A Whisper of Wings in the US Library of Congress...

Paul Kidds Descent into the depths of the Earth has been accepted into the Library.

This is the second book of the JUSTICAR trilogy for Dungeons and Dragons. These books led off the new "Greyhawk" novel series. They were intended to capture the essence of "old time" D&D playing - action, combat, humour and clever ploys. They are the adventures of the Justicar - a grim warrior for justice, Escalla the hot faerie princess, and Cinders - a pyromaniac sentient hell hound skin.

Why only the second in a trilogy? Well the other two are allegedly there, just not listed in the catalog.

Was it really wise to let this bunch loose in another library?

Bad Dog


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