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Books for Independent Bicycle Touring in Australia

Last updated : 2008/ May 15

Around Australia by Bicycle - The Complete Guide

“…Paul Elwood's guidebook has route descriptions for the entire 15,000 km journey around Australia [except Tasmania?] and includes information on camping areas, towns and facilities. Cost: $32 [US $ 32 ?? ] …”

Cycling Outback Australia

Author's description ".. a guide that is as much about what you can see as how you can see it - an invaluable resource to anyone travelling in the Top End, between Cairns and Perth....The guide answers those logistical questions such as "Which route should I take?" "Where can I camp?" "Is there water and food?" and "What is there to see?" Finding out as much as you can before leaving will help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Climate, safety and hazards are of particular importance. Good planning makes all the difference."

Cycle The Tasmanian Way by Ken White. Published 2001. AU$23

Travel guide describing cycling from Devonport on the north coast of Tasmania to Cockle Creek in the far south, a distance of 586 km.

Cycle The Tasmanian Trail by Ken White. Published 1997. AU$20

Bob's Bike Book of the Gold Coast City and Surrounding Areas

"Great Ocean Road Bicycle Touring - a cycling guide to Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula , the Great Ocean Road & hinterland" (? 2001 , joint publication, 57 pp, pocket format ). This is a free guide produced by local tourism promotion organisations, featuring some useful information specifically of interest to bicycle travellers. Available via or by telephone 1800 620 888. Good value at free !

"Bike Australia: Cycling Australia from Perth to Sydney" (2001, Paul Salter, 135pp) Covers a direct, main road route from Perth to Sydney, includes detailed route descriptions, maps, listings for accommodation, camping, and bike shops, and a lot of historic and geographic data. Also has photos every 100km across Australia. (ISBN 0-9582256-0-5) A$21.90

"Cycling Northern Australia" (1997, Bob Craine 104 pp ) a useful route guide, with a slightly misleading title, for the Sydney-Cairns-Darwin-Perth highway, written by a practical, low tech cyclist with some idiosyncratic ideas ( eg no cooking). Sealed roads only. Good information about camp sites, food and water. About A $10.00 from bike organisations. ( Pandanus Publishing ISBN 0 646 32077 7)

  "Crossing Australia's North [by Bicycle ] " ( 1990, Julia Thorn 141 pp ) pocket size format . Detailed route guide for Townsville-to-Broome and Darwin / Kakadu region. Useful history and other observations.( Kangaroo Press ISBN 0 86417 305 9 )

 "Bicycle Tours of Southeastern Australia " (1989, Julia Thorn 119 pp + index) pocket size format. Detailed descriptions of a number of tours in the region between Northern NSW and Adelaide. ( Kangaroo Press ISBN 0 86417 277 X)

 " Bicycle Touring in Australia" (1991, Leigh Hemmings 175 pp with index) medium size format. Detailed route guide for most popular areas. (ISBN 0 7318 0197 0)

 "Bicycling Tasmania" ( 1991 Ian Terry 75 pp A5 format). Very useful , independent guide. (ISBN 0 646 07057 6 )

"The Pacific Bicycle Route" (Australian Coast , Sydney to Brisbane) (1986 collaboration , 66pp A5 format) . A thoughtful and detailed route guide to existing roads, as distinct from off road "trails", includes its own lift out maps .Published by Bicycle Australia. No ISBN .

"Cycling Australia: Bicycle Touring Throughout the Sunny Continent", ( 1996, Ian Duckworth . Detailed route guide for "eight rides …from Perth to Melbourne and Sydney. " Soft cover, 224 pages 12 x 21.5cm ,published by Bicycle Books .

ISBN- 0-933201-76-1 about A$ $24.95 /

"Bull Dust & Pedal Power " Peter Thomas. A day-by-day narrative of a journey from Perth to the Gold Coast via the Warburton Road, Uluru and the Plenty Highway. Thomas covered the 5300 km in 53 days, riding unsupported and alone. The book (unconsciously?) challenges many current ideas of preparation & equipment, and devotes much attention to kitsch trivialities, and numerous irrelevant digressions. Practical value: strictly limited. Available in libraries. ( 1998 Access Press , 178 pp. Large format paperback. ISBN 0 86445 128 8)


 These books may be available from the libraries of bicycle organisations in Australia eg

The PETE & ED BOOKS site may contain some titles of interest


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