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A Rationalised

Bicycle Camping Check List

(Just about everything you could need)

by Grace Newhaven ~ 2008/ March 25

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Tool Kit

adjustable spanner

multi spanner

spanners 8/9/10 mm

cone spanners

Allen keys 2/3/4/5/6/8

Phillips head screw driver

Spoke key

Small flat screw driver

Crank extractor tool

Freewheel tool [UG or HG]


Needle nose pliers

Tyre levers

Chain breaker

Chain link tool (home made)

Electrical tape

Barrier cream ( film bottle)

Hand cleaner ( film bottle)

Spare bolts ( film bottle)

Cables - gear , brake, straddle

Cable end caps - a few

Tool container, convenient & waterproof


Tyre patches & glue

Day Trip


Gloves ( sun or cold)


maps / case

insect repellent

Swiss knife



picnic blanket

helmet / sun hats




Camera & radio

coffee substitute

reflective vests

coffee & tea

Milk powder & sugar

wet weather coat

prepared lunch

picnic cloth

puncture kit

dried fruit / chocolate

phone card / Telecard

compass / whistle




Overnight Trip


ground sheet

Trowel ( fire & toilet uses)

fuel bottle

sleeping bag / cap

Sheet ( silk)

thermal shirt / tights


sleeping mat

travel candle

Torch & headband

 Utility cord

soap ( water proof Tupperware)


mosquito coils / holder

toothbrush / paste

Thongs/shower slippers


laundry bag

prepared evening meal

alcohol ( Sherry )

small muesli

honey / salt

margarine / butter

fibre supplement

detergent / scourer (s/steel)

spoons / flat knife

plates (*optional)

pot lid

bottle cooler jacket


bike repair manual

first aid kit

repair kits: tent & Thermarest


container : for banana skins, compost

Longer Trip

lubricant / solvent

Bike cleaning (tooth) brush

water container (wine cask bladders)

Frame bag pannier

laundry kit / soap

Tyre patches & new tube of glue

spare film

nail brush / clippers

personal medicines

note book / pen / stamps

bank card / book

YHA card

bike lock ( minimal)

wool inserts (winter)

address book

reading book


tourist information

travel scrabble

sewing kit

wet clothes bag ( mesh)

spare candles / matches

sushi mat / tablecloth

250 ml bottle (empty)

cooking oil

dried garlic

dried onions

curry powder

tomato paste

storage bag (draw string)

shoe polish / brush

fly veil

arrangements for cat

meishis / calling cards

water garden & plants

cancel newspaper

post office box ( check)

defrost fridge

keys for neighbours


house all locked



This list is intended to be usefully intuitive, rational & practical.

Like other Bicycle Fish pages, it is not intended to be definitive, and you can easily add your own favorites as they come to mind - we add to ours all the time !

Unlike most other packing lists I have found, the list is divided into three parts and " cascades" cumulatively, that is , it assumes some extra items are required on an expedition that you might not need if you are only on a day ride, and that it's useful to separate them accordingly.

Putting the three parts together - when required - should set you up well for an extended tour.

At home, we keep a copy as a single printed page, and check off each item from our clipboard as we prepare for a trip. For a convenient printable format, follow these instructions : <copy> the HTML version , open a fresh Word document , and <paste> the text into the new document - with a little editing you should come up with a "one page" format for your clipboard.

I have not tried to breakdown the tools section, as I have assumed that you will carry ( almost) a full tool kit at all times. That's a matter of choice & risk management. Note also that I have not included much about clothes - apart from thermals & wet weather gear, those are too much a matter of individualised preference to list.

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