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2015. November 21


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South Australia STURT_SMALLleft : The Desert Pea


An Introduction to Bicycle Touring in South Australia

Bicycle Maps for South Australia

Adelaide for Bicycle Visitors

Approaches to Adelaide : to / from Port Augusta

General Map of SA

The Flinders Ranges

Kangaroo Island

The Mawson Trail - 800Km of scenic backroads, from Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges.

Water Points : Port Augusta to Darwin on the Stuart Highway

The South East of South Australia

Oodnadatta Track 2005

RailTrails of South Australia

Adelaide Touring Cyclists  (South Australia’s Bicycle Touring Club)

Cycling for Pleasure” –  easy recreational rides on Sundays in Adelaide suburbs and beyond, all welcome !

What is the weather usually like in South Australia ?

Adelaide's Bicycle Artisans

WikiTravel for South Australia


Australia KANGAROO_2 

[main menu ]

Bicycle Camping check list - a practical one, to get you on your way

Physical Maps

Australian Survey - large, detailed

Australian Bicycle Camping Fact Sheets

·         Melbourne –Goulburn – Sydney 2007

·         Oodnadatta Track 2002

·         Central Australia 2000

·         Kakadu National Park  2002

·         Nullarbor - The Eyre Highway 2001

·         South Australia's South East 2002

·         The Plenty Highway 2000

·         NSW Hunter Valley 2000

·         NSW Central West 2000

·         North Queensland : Cairns & the Atherton Tableland

·         W.A.'s Kimberley

·         The Stuart Highway : Pt 1 - Alice Springs to Pt Augusta, SA

·         Sydney to Canberra via the Blue Mountains & Jenolan Caves 2000

·         WA's West Coast - water points for cyclists

·         Port Augusta - Darwin : water for cyclists

More fact sheets wanted - will you write about your region ?

Australian Wind Directions

The Quality of Drinking Water in Australia

Why camping in " Rest Areas" is not a good idea after all

Australian Rail Trails

Australian Urban Guides for Bicycle Travellers

Distance Calculator for Australia

Do-it-yourself Dried Foods for Bicycle Camping

Damper: A Traditional Campfire Bread, adapted for bicycle camping

Harvest work for bike travellers in Australia

Bicycle books & guides

Using the Post Office for Bicycle Touring in Australia

Weather patterns - rainfall & temperatures for bike travellers.

Phil Somerville's Bicycle Cartoons on-line

Current Australian Bicycle tours

Bicycle Fossil - discovered Central Australia 2000 | and another one.... from ? Canada

Wikipedia on Road Transport in Australia


Wikitravel – non commercial travel information                                      

multimap.com ( quick, easy to use on-line maps of many countries!)

Trip Planning Utility, in Excel ( plan and/or record your trips easily !)

Trip Distance Calculator

North India - a short, practical guide, now with Nepal

Grace’s Indonesia by Bike - Part 1: Bali Part 2: Lombok

Grace's own Travelogues

Vietnam 1994 | New Zealand South Island 1993| Thailand 1992

Japan 1991  

Bicycle Fish Shop

Share the Roads golf shirts and transfers

Organiser Bags for your panniers

Technical & Design

Myra VanInwegen's page : technical reviews & women's bikes ( etc)

Sheldon Brown's Glossary of Bicycle Terms - an excellent place to start

Fitting - simple description of how to find the right size bike

Braze on's -  Joshua Putnam’s - almost every one imaginable

Grace's "Bicycles for Backroads Australia"

Australian Frame Builders for Touring Bikes ( well... maybe !)

Bicycle People blue_bike_sign

Home Hosting - by Cyclists for cyclists

Probicycle - a "competence" approach to Bicycle Advocacy SAMEROADS

Ride to Work Logo  

Bicycle Eccentricity

Grace's Minor Works

? Hand Cleaners for touring cyclists

? Cooler water bottles

? A frame bag for extra water capacity

? Plastic crates for urban utility bikers

? A space-saving, waterproof and easy to make tool box for your bike

Two Bicycle Fish at rest - heart of dorkness

Making traditional Australian bread - on the move!

Bicycle Camping check list

Trip Planning Utility , in Excel

Other Eccentrics

Ken Kifer's home made panniers 

Alex's DIY mudflaps

The Home-Made Stove Archives

The Bus & Bicycle Alliance - that'll be the day! 

48 Beer Bottles on the front of One bike

Bicycle Fossil - discovered Central Australia 2000


Off Bike Interests

Self Service Wholefood Stores Across Australia.

Opportunity Shops of South Australia



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