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Bicycle Touring : International Index

2003 / April 26

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Travel sites on the www - and elsewhere - often describe exotic & wonderful places that would be great to travel by bike - yet they almost never mention bikes, or the things that bikers need to know!

Grace is building this alternative site, which will provide a quick means to access specifically bicycle related touring information.

He has included also some general non-commercial links at the end of this document that are not bike specific but are particularly useful nonetheless.

Contributions to this Index are very welcome, so if you know of a bike story that hasn’t made it to the usual lists, let us know and we’ll list it here.

And please - no tour companies, (the www is full to overflowing with commercial bicycle sites, so they are very easy to find!)

Other sources of International bike touring information are :

Britain's " Rough-Stuff Fellowship "

Travel by Cycle

"The Bicycle Touring Select"

George Farnsworth's "Bicycle Access" (airlines, train travel & more) 01/May http://www.GFonline.ORG/BikeAccess

Ken Kifer's List of Links sites (00/01)

Karl Brodowsky 's very comprehensive site - Europe and beyond 

John Brewer's excellent links - why do I bother when John's on the job?

Tour index

J. Fazio's "Selected Links to Bicycling" is a huge country-by-country listing of all bicycle www resources.

Cyber Cyclery

bike vocabulary , multilingual

Touring mailing list

Countries & Regions

Africa by bike

Africa, Sahara


Asia (various)

Asian travelogues by Peter Snow Cao

Asia (SE )

Asia links page (by a ? young ? Aussie)

Asia, East & SE (Pete Jones)

Asia, Tokyo to Hanoi

Asia (long distance)


Bolivia ( 97 )


Bike book store


Central Asia

Central Asia : Kazakstan - Kyrgyzstan.

Central Asia ( Ian Burns)

Central America

Cuba ( Lucas)

Cuba (Miquelon)





France link site

Greece (North)

 Himalayas, by hand bike


India : The South : Chennai to Goa around the coast.

 India (tour), glossy

India (photos)

India, by 3 speed, tour

( no longer available free-to-air - ask me for a bootleg copy ! )


India (Roughstuff's World Tour)

India / Nepal

India by bike, North


India (00/05)

Indonesia, tour  

Indonesia - Moluccas


Japan Adventure Cycling Club

long distance bikers


Mexico : Yucatan



Namibia (99)


Nepal ( slides etc)

New Zealand (Bob Adair 99)

New Zealand (Rushton)

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand ( 87)


Russia (Malusa)

Russian Cycle Touring Club

Scotland tour

South Africa, tour

South and Central America 

South America (Latin Links) Pedaleando Sud America

South America Links

Sth America : Mexico to Tierra Del Fuego

Spain, tour

South Pacific

Survival guide,bike


Tibet by Tandem

The Himalayas

Tibet to Nepal


tour, converting MTB to

touring books index (03/04)

touring bikes, John Faughan

Vietnam & Laos by bike

Zimbabwe 99

General International Links

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT),

CIA, World Fact Book

Foreign Languages for Travellers

Destinations information - simple , factual , links

Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports

Library of Congress Country Studies

Expedia maps

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