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Would you like to write a fact sheet ?

Bicycle touring information about Australia is presently not widely available, apart from a few books and scattered magazine articles.

The books can be relatively expensive, are likely to become out of date and are often too heavy to carry on a long trip.

Magazine articles are often written more to entertain the "armchair traveller" than to help the real outback traveller. Magazine articles also tend to focus excessively on the personality of the writer rather than on the journey or the region.

Compared to the usual methods of publishing, the advantages of the www based fact sheet are :

* no literary talent required - no need for an "interesting" narrative.

* direct involvement of grass roots cyclists - decentralised control of the process

* cheapness - free distribution to anyone who asks!

* flexibility - don't need to rely on magazine space advertisements/commercialism

* easily up-dated at any time

* builds gradually into a loose leaf, all-Australia collection

* feedback from users direct to the author via e-mail (or s-mail !)


Constraints are :

* one sheet of paper - easy and cheap to copy , for cheap or free distribution (in hard copy if required, eg via bike shops in the area concerned)

* double sided - more compact, more durable than two pages !

* no maps or complex graphics – makes it easy to reproduce, saves space

* www links - desirable but not essential

* www listing - likely (via my home page if necessary)but not certain !

So , if you would like to contribute a fact sheet, you’re very welcome.


The essentials are

* a short history – inc. Aboriginal if possible, explorers etc ( 100 words or so max)

* description of the physical environment, weather, terrain etc

* resources : maps, information etc

* roads & traffic conditions – sealed shoulders ? speed ? surfaces ? trucks ?

* camping possibilities

* food & water supplies

* services in small towns – large towns are usually well described in tourist information

* any bicycle links – shops, people, home hosts etc.


Optional features are

* Your contact details – e-mail or other

Useful information and www links on Australian towns and regions can be found

at :

"Anypoint" Australian travel guide

"Australia A to Z" guide

OK ! It's your turn ……………look forward to hearing from you.

Grace Newhaven

01 Jun 2008