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Bicycle Fish - Reader's Guide

"… the only bio-mechanical system more efficient than the bicycle, is the fish…"

Grace Newhaven

This page was constructed in the Australian winter of 1998.  

The page uses Word 97, which was what was available. It seems however to present different connectivity problems to different users – I apologise for any inconvenience. I have been offered a few technical suggestions that I do not (yet) understand.  

Grace is not a technical person, and barely understands the www, even after several years of Internet connection. On the other hand, Grace is learning something new every day, which in itself is both enjoyable and exciting at this stage of life.

Grace owes much thanks to his partner, Susan Gould, an equally committed (but less voluble) cyclist, for her loyal and constant support of Grace’s quixotic ideas.

The page grew from a concern that Grace felt, that there was a lack of information for independent, practical biking that was not compromised by either commercial or organisational pressures.

 This page owes nothing to those pressures, and is intended to be simply a practical resource for anyone who loves utility cycling and long distance bicycle travel in particular. Bikes have given Grace & Sue a great deal of happiness, this is our way of repaying that pleasure.

Downloading pages : all pages in this site are intended to be practical ie that they will be useful & convenient in the pocket of your handlebar bag ! I have set them up that way, to be easy to copy and especially easy to print (if & when required).

To print, I suggest you simply <copy> them as " plain text " & then <paste> to a Word document , for re-formatting if necessary - this results in a far less voluminous document than printing straight from the www.

Feel free to copy any document, but please attribute them as appropriate.

Grace is always pleased to have your comments. Please e-mail 
 Note : in many places within this site, dates are rendered "digitally" eg Nov 98 is "98/11". Digital dates are a great idea, they're like real numbers and are all around you.

 Grace Newhaven

Adelaide, Sth. Australia

2000/ December 3

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