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This sheet last updated 2008. July 18

Mawson Trail - Decoded

The Mawson Trail extends around 800 km from Adelaide, through the Hills and Mid North to Wilpena Pound & Blinman in the Flinders Ranges, using minor public roads, stock routes, forest trails, and occasionally vacant Crown (that is, “public”) Land.

The great advantage of following the “official” Trail is that it was expressly designed to link a series of particularly attractive sites via a low-traffic network. The greater part of the Trail uses roads that might be classed as "2WD" in car terms - it is not a four wheel drive "track" !

Maps of the trail were prepared by the SA Government's Department of Recreation in the early 1990's, and extensively ( excessively ?) revised in the early 2000’s and are available either as a full set of five ( about $45.00 ) or individually from better map shops. See

 Are the maps strictly necessary? Well, Yes and No …

Yes, because the Trail is - theoretically - signposted every few kilometres, with small icons on short perma-pine posts, but as these are subject to accidental damage as well as sporadic vandalism , they are not always reliable. They are also hard to see even when they are intact ! You will find too that very few local people will be aware of the Trail even if it passes their door, so asking for directions may prove frustrating.

No, because you could make out a lot of the trail using the RAA's "Mid North" regional map ( 1 cm = approx 5 km ). If you had some common sense, and were prepared to get "lost" for say half an hour at a time, you could make your own way easily, using maybe 75 % or more of the "official" route. If you did lose the way, you could easily pick it up again at the next town on the Trail ( see below)

1.    The Torrens Bike Path : City to ..

2.    Athelstone

3.    Castambul

4.    Lobethal (main street)

5.    Birdwood ( main street)

6.    Rowland Flat

7.    (W. of Tanunda )

8.    Greenock (main street)

9.    Kapunda ( SW side)

10.                        ( A few Ks E. of Marrabel )

11.                        Inspiration Pt

12.                        Moller Gap

13.                        Black Springs, then via Springbank Rd to ...

14.                        Burra ( main street)

15.                        Hallett

16.                        Spalding

17.                        Bundaleer Forest ( some locked gates)

18.                        Laura

19.                        Wirrabara

20.                        Melrose

21.                        Wilmington

22.                        Quorn (main street)

23.                        Warren Gorge

24.                        (Simonston ruins)

25.                        Gordon (ruins) - Gordon-Springfield Road, to Springfield...

26.                        Via Wilson-Craddock Rd to....

27.                        Hawker ( main street )

28.                        via back roads & Route 83 to

29.                        Moralana Scenic Drive

30.                        Wilpena

31.                        Blinman