cooler water bottles for bicycles

1999/ 27 October

Cyclists often complain that their water bottles become hot, and have an unpleasant "plastic taste", particularly in high summer.

 This is because plastics contain volatile chemical compounds that are released into the water continuously, especially when the plastic is heated - the same effect used to be common in cars on hot days, especially when they were new.

 However, you can in large part overcome this problem. It's possible to insulate the plastic bottles with a sock (an old one is fine!), fastened with a rubber band on the INSIDE of the sock- tricky to get just right, but long lasting as a fastener.

 The result is

 Water is cooler, tastes much better. The effect lasts for a couple of hours, about the length of time it takes to empty the bottle.

 (It also helps to have premium / food-grade bottles, rather than the logo-encrusted rubbish in the bargain bins at bike shops - I bought mine, one-litre size, in the sports section of the supermarket, without an advertising logo, for half the price of the smaller bottles available in bike shops, and twice the quality).

There are commercial sites on this subject - see

Runnin' Cool Insulated Water Bottle Carriers

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