Greetings from Perth, Western Australia.
Last Reviewed January 2003
In February 2003 Grey Company Celebrates it's 19th Birthday.
For those interested copies of the 17th Anniversary Electronic Scrap Book are still available on CD.

An Introduction to The Grey CompanyInformation we give new members.
Photo GalleryImages and aspects of the club.
Sunday TrainingGroup Photo from January 2001
How to Contact The Grey CompanySnail mail, Phone, and electronic formats available.
Information for FightersWhat we give to new fighting members
Information for TrainersGuidelines for training new fighting members
ConstitutionThe Club Constitution
BylawsThe Club Bylaws
Basic Costume Making 1Some Basic Costume Making Hints
Basic Costume Making 2More Basic Costume Making Hints
Tunic and Pants More Basic Costuming
Fabrics and Colors Information on choosing fabric for costumes
The Grey Company Trebuchet PageSome of us dabble with Siege Engines
Members and Friends Web Pages Grey Company in cyberspace.
Our Batavia PageRead all about the Batavia story (1629).
Our Mary Rose PageInfo about the Mary Rose (1545).
Pre-fabricated sword bladesShort cuts to sword making..
Some Useful LinksPlaces we have visited and liked.
The AUS/NZ living-history mailing listA mailing list for like minded people.


The Grey Company is a group which puts on displays of historical reenactment. We are based in Perth, which is the capital city of Western Australia. Most of our displays are centered on the so called Dark Ages of European History (600-1100AD). While our displays are primarily of weapons and combat, The Grey Company are not a martial arts group, concentrating more on entertaining an audience than on the realistic use of weapons. Apart from entertaining, we also try to educate members of the public about life as it really was one thousand or more years ago. Where possible we are happy to arrange displays for schools where children have the opportunity to see and feel items which they would otherwise only learn about from books.

All the clothing, weapons and armour are made by members of the group. Finding out how to do this involves some of the members of the group in detailed research in areas of history, as well as the practical aspects of actually making items. To help with this we hold regular workshops primarily for the production of clothing and equipment including weapons and armour. We also have a very active Costuming Guild.

As well as our regular weekly training sessions we also organise social events which include several banquets each year.

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