As a keen genealogist I decided it was time to work on Heidi's family. Any additions and/or corrections will be appreciated. What I would really be pleased to get is photos - particularly older ones of generations past. If enough interest is generated I will post them here so that anyone in the clan can access them. Being Australian I have difficulty with Filipino names and the nicknames just confuse me. If  I have used someones nickname rather than their full name please let me know but by the same token I would also be pleased to learn everyones nicknames. Dates, places where events happened and family stories also appreciated. Where I do not know a maiden name I use the married name in brackets. Info on names etc shown like this are where corrections obviously required. This will be updated as information received.

1.    Benjamin CRISTOBAL.  He married Africa REYES.
          2.    i.    Manuel Reyes CRISTOBAL b. 15 Jan 1946.
          3.    ii.    Cecilia Reyes CRISTOBAL.
          4.    iii.    Susan Reyes CRISTOBAL.
          5.    iv.    Benjamin Reyes CRISTOBAL.
               v.    Arthur Reyes CRISTOBAL.  He married Marie SICAT.
          6.    vi.    Saniel (Sammy) Reyes CRISTOBAL.

Generation Two

2.    Manuel Reyes CRISTOBAL, b. 15 Jan 1946 in Manila, Philippines, occupation Policeman.  He married (1) Leah CASTRO, married 30 Apr 1966 in Quezon City, Philippines, divorced 1975, b. 11 Apr 1947 in Naawan, Mindanao, Philippines (daughter of Manuel Roa ROA and Lilia (Lily) Castro UBAY-UBAY),  occupation Legal Secretary/Artist.  Leah: Arrived Sydney, Jan 17 1972. Partner Unknown (CRISTOBAL) .  Partner Leila Enriquez (CRISTOBAL).
                Children by Leah CASTRO:
               i.    Heidi CRISTOBAL, b. 6 Feb 1968 in Philippines, occupation Naturopath.
                Children by Unknown (CRISTOBAL):
               ii.    Jun CRISTOBAL.
          7.    iii.    Arnel CRISTOBAL.
                Children by Leila Enriquez (CRISTOBAL):
               iv.    Love CRISTOBAL.
               v.    Honey CRISTOBAL.

3.    Cecilia Reyes CRISTOBAL.  Partner Unknown BACLAGON.  Partner Boy SICAT.
                Children by Unknown BACLAGON:
               i.    Dennison BACLAGON.
                Children by Boy SICAT:
               ii.    Monica SICAT, b. 18 Mar 1973 in Manila, Philippines.
          8.    iii.    Veronica SICAT b. 10 Aug 1974.
               iv.    Marcy SICAT.
               v.    Moyeh SICAT.
               vi.    Michael SICAT.  Education - La Salle College of Antipolo, Antipolo Immaculate Conception School. Currently studying Chemical Engineering at Tecnological Institute of the Philippines.
               vii.    Emmanuel SICAT, b. 9 Mar 1982.

4.    Susan Reyes CRISTOBAL.  She married Nestor SALAS.
               i.    Christian SALAS.
               ii.    Joss SALAS.
               iii.    Kim SALAS.
               iv.    Mica SALAS.
               v.    Meic SALAS.
               vi.    Lyka SALAS.

5.    Benjamin Reyes CRISTOBAL.  Partner Emily CAYANAN.
               i.    Banjo CRISTOBAL, b. 22 Set 1980.
               ii.    Emil CRISTOBAL.

6.    Saniel (Sammy) Reyes CRISTOBAL.  Partner Geraldine (CRISTOBAL).  Partner Virginia (CRISTOBAL).
                Children by Geraldine (CRISTOBAL):
               i.    Ivy CRISTOBAL.
               ii.    Tracy CRISTOBAL.
               iii.    Sam Boy CRISTOBAL.
                Children by Virginia (CRISTOBAL):
               iv.    Sunny CRISTOBAL.
               v.    Saniel Jr CRISTOBAL.
               vi.    Michael CRISTOBAL.
               vii.    Christina (Tin Tin) CRISTOBAL.
               viii.    Ac CRISTOBAL.
               ix.    Katkat CRISTOBAL.

Generation Three

7.    Arnel CRISTOBAL.  He married Celestine MANALAO.
               i.    Ryu Lyle CRISTOBAL.
               ii.    David Bryan CRISTOBAL.

8.    Veronica SICAT, b. 10 Aug 1974.  Partner Robinson Balcos MONTOYA.  Partner Eumir Deleon JAVIER.
                Children by Robinson Balcos MONTOYA:
               i.    Nathaniel Sicat MONTOYA, b. 7 Dec 1991 in St Vincent Hospital, Marikina City, Manila, Luzon, Philippines.
                Children by Eumir Deleon JAVIER:
               ii.    Elijah Javier SICAT, b. 9 Oct 2001 in Antipolo Doctor's Hospital, Antipolo City, Rizal, Luzon, Philippines.