1st May 2010 - Dad's 100th Birthday

Bruce reckoned it would be a good idea to celebrate Dad's 100th birthday and we saw no reason to allow the fact that he died 25 years ago to spoil a good party. Carol still has one of Mum's dresses. Carol really liked it so Mum had given to her - I would suspect it was too small for her by then. I have had Dad's trenchcoat and sleeveless pullover in the cupboard for 25 years and I printed out some faces, Carol "borrowed" a couple of mannequins for the day and we had our guests of honour. We thought perhaps it could all be considered a little weird but then again - who cares. Had others curious and one lady just had to come over and enquire as to the mannequins (she loved the concept). Not everyone could make it, but Lisa and Phil came from York and Peter was all togged up but had to leave early as he had a "home open" but I thought it a good turn-out and thoroughly enjoyed the day. These photos resized and cropped from a collection of 275 taken by me, Aaron and Leah  and I'm sure Bruce and Carol have plenty as well.

For those not up with all the names, Mum and Dad's descendants are given below. With privacy concerns as they are today birthdates and birthplace have been deleted.
The Blurb
Guests of Honour
Nicholas & Lisa Furey
GG/Son & G/Daughter
Boof and Boofier
G/Son &  Son
Lisa & Carol
G/Daughter & Daughter-in-law
The Peter Leaver's arrive
G/Son et al
Angela Beatrice Leaver
Eric Leaver and  "The Horde"
G/Son, 4 GG/Sons & GG/Daughter
A coven of Daughters-in-laws
Mel & Lisa
G/Daughter-in-law, G/daughter
Liam, Ronan & Evan Leaver
Miles James Leaver
Miles & Angela Leaver, Phil Furey.
GG/Son, GG/Daughter, G/Son-in-law
Mel, Russel & Miles Leaver
G/Daughter-in-law, G/Son & GG/Son
Peter, Belinda & Lisa Leaver
G/Son, G/D-in-law, G/Daughter
Captain Suave
Carol, Mel & Belinda
D-in-law, G/Daughters-in-law
Heidi Cristobal, Bill Leaver, Colin
G/Daughter, Son and ?
Heidi & Colin
Bill & Carol
Kym & Jaymee Leaver
G/Daughter, GG/Daughter
Miranda Kate Leaver
Russel & Miles Leaver
G/Son, GG/Son
Kevin & Karen Leaver, Leah Castro
G/Son, G/D-in-law, D-in-law
Rheanna Sue Leaver & Grace
GG/Daughter & G-Step-GG/D
Liam & Brandon Leaver
Kevin Leaver, Heidi Cristobal
Karen has a quiet word with Grandma
Karen, Amber & Kym Leaver
G/D-in-law, G/Daughters
Whats a birthday party without a cake?
Even if the guests of honour can't share.

Elder Statesman?

Brandon, Ronan, Miranda, Evan, Liam and Daddybear Eric
Resident wino's
Jayson, Jaymee & Kym
Kevin & Karen
Angela, Rhianna & Grace

Amber, Austin, Aaron, "Lola"  & Heidi
Ditto + Bill

Bruce, Mum, Dad & Carol
Bruce, Gb & Bill

Austin & Aaron
GG/Son, Grandson

"and you can tell 'im......"

It's been a long day

Still standing

1.    Ernest Eric LEAVER (son of Charles Henry LEAVER and Mabel Gertrude BEARD),  occupation Schoolteacher.  He married Florence Margaret HASTINGS, married 8 May 1933 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of John Harry HASTINGS and Margaret LEES),  occupation Supermum.
          2.    i.    Ronald Eric LEAVER.
          3.    ii.    Gerald (Gb) Beard LEAVER.
          4.    iii.    Donald Charles LEAVER.
          5.    iv.    Bruce LEAVER.
          6.    v.    William LEAVER.
          7.    vi.    Stephen LEAVER.

Generation Two

2.    Ronald Eric LEAVER, occupation Pilot.  He married (1) Marjory Victoria JOYNSON (daughter of William JOYNSON and Clissina BOREHAM),  occupation Shop Assistant.  He married (2) Valerie Myrtle LOVELL, married 23 Jan 1960, occupation Clerk/Book Keeper.
                Children by Marjory Victoria JOYNSON:
          8.    i.    Bruce LEAVER.
          9.    ii.    Kevin Ronald LEAVER.
               iii.    Paul William LEAVER, occupation Manager.  He married Robyn HALE, married 9 Apr 1987, occupation MusicTeacher.
                Children by Valerie Myrtle LOVELL:
               iv.    Ronda Sue LEAVER.

3.    Gerald (Gb) Beard LEAVER, occupation Schoolteacher.  He married Johanna Elizabeth BRODERICK, married 1958 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of William Daniel BRODERICK and Anne DUFFY).
          10.    i.    Gregory Stephen LEAVER.
          11.    ii.    Julie Anne LEAVER.
               iii.    Carolyn Marie LEAVER.

4.    Donald Charles LEAVER, occupation Telecom Technician.  He married (1) Glenice Olive JAMES, married 18 Feb 1961 in Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of Ernest Wesley JAMES and Grace Mary Anne SHARPLES).   He married (2) Roslyn June YOUNG, married 7 Oct 1972 in Nambour Methodist Church, Queensland, Australia.
                Children by Glenice Olive JAMES:
          12.    i.    Veronica Anne LEAVER.
          13.    ii.    Eric John LEAVER.
                Children by Roslyn June YOUNG:
               iii.    Graham Jonathon LEAVER, occupation Computer Tech.
               iv.    Shane Curtis LEAVER.

5.    Bruce LEAVER, occupation Schoolteacher.  He married Carol Dorothy TAGGART, married 18 Dec 1971 in Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of William Thomas TAGGART and Enid Joan HOLLAND),  occupation Shopping Centre Manager.
          14.    i.    Grayden William LEAVER.
          15.    ii.    Kym Michelle LEAVER.

6.    William LEAVER, occupation Glazier.  He married (1) Lee Christine O'LOUGHLIN, married 9 Dec 1967 in Guildford, Western Australia, Australia, divorced 1977 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of Martin Mulvay O'LOUGHLIN and Verna McKAY).   He married (2) Leah CASTRO, married 24 Jan 1987 in Kalamunda, Western Australia, Western Australia (daughter of Manuel (Maning) Z Roa ROA and Lilia (Lily) Castro UBAY-UBAY),  occupation Legal Secretary/Artist.
                Children by Lee Christine O'LOUGHLIN:
          16.    i.    Aaron Martin LEAVER.
          17.    ii.    Amber Jacqueline LEAVER.
                Children of Leah CASTRO:
               iii.    Heidi CRISTOBAL, occupation Naturopath.
               iv.    Nathan John STOKER, occupation Courier Supervisor.  Partner Courtney SHAW (daughter of Joseph SHAW and Donna BEVIS).  .

7.    Stephen LEAVER, occupation Policeman/Taxidriver.  He married (1) Maxine Anne STAPLETON, married 28 May 1971 in St. Alban's, Highgate, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of Leslie Eden STAPLETON and Lorraine ARMSTRONG).   He married (2) Brenda Kathleen MEYER, married 1 Jul 1999 in Dongara, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of Paul MEYER and Elizabeth Kathleen NORLING).
                Children by Maxine Anne STAPLETON:
          18.    i.    Peter John LEAVER.
          19.    ii.    Russell John LEAVER.
          20.    iii.    Lisa Joanne LEAVER.

Generation Three

8.    Bruce LEAVER, occupation School Teacher.  He married Gail Maree HEHIR, married 25 Aug 1974 in St. Agatha's, Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia, occupation Schoolteacher.
               i.    Brett LEAVER.
               ii.    Ian James LEAVER.
               iii.    Suzanne Jane LEAVER.

9.    Kevin Ronald LEAVER, occupation Sheet Metal Worker.  Partner Karen SMITH.
               i.    Rheanna Sue LEAVER.

10.    Gregory Stephen LEAVER.  He married Susan Mary TORKILDSON, married 1984 in Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia.
               i.    Kate LEAVER.

11.    Julie Anne LEAVER.  She married Gabriel CUMMINS.
               i.    Joanne Kathleen LEAVER.

12.    Veronica Anne LEAVER.
               i.    Adam Michael LEAVER.

13.    Eric John LEAVER, occupation Glazier.  Partner Sharon Adele MADAMS, (daughter of Patricia Margaret SCHOFIELD).   He married (2) Michelle Annette BLANCHARD, married 17 Oct 1998 in Noble Falls, Gidgegannup, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of Trevor Roland BLANCHARD and Dawn June KING),  occupation Photographer.
                Children by Sharon Adele MADAMS:
               i.    Brandon Donald LEAVER.
                Children by Michelle Annette BLANCHARD:
               ii.    Liam Trevor LEAVER.
               iii.    Ronan Eric LEAVER.
               iv.    Evan James LEAVER.
               v.    Miranda Kate LEAVER.

14.    Grayden William LEAVER, occupation Salesman.  He married Vicki Lee PARTINGTON, married 21 Dec 1996 in Wanneroo, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of David PARTINGTON and Darrelyne (Lyn) Annette GROVES).
               i.    Austin William LEAVER.
               ii.    Kelsey Annette LEAVER.

15.    Kym Michelle LEAVER, occupation Clerk.  She married Jason FIRKINS.
               i.    Jaymee Carole FIRKINS.

16.    Aaron Martin LEAVER, occupation Soldier.  He married (1) Clarissa Stefana LEFANTE, married 1992 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (daughter of Gaetano LEFANTE and Patricia FYFE).   He married (2) Natalie Dianne GILLET (daughter of Daniel Patrick DWYER and Susan GILLET),  occupation Army Nurse (Major).
                Children by Clarissa Stefana LEFANTE:
               i.    Reece William LEAVER.
                Children by Natalie Dianne GILLET:
               ii.    Gage Desmond LEAVER.
               iii.    Declan Kaine LEAVER.
               iv.    Maisy Isobel LEAVER.

17.    Amber Jacqueline LEAVER, occupation Nursery Hand.  She married Scott Allan MARSH, married 11 Sep 1999 in Armadale, Western Australia, Australia (son of Kenneth MARSH and Valerie NOBLE),  occupation Hardware Retail.
               i.    Austin Lee MARSH.

18.    Peter John LEAVER, occupation Pizza Shop Prop./Salesman.  He married Belynda Frith TREASURE, married 28 Aug 1999 in Canning Vale, Perth, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of Terrence TREASURE and Yvonne Denise EVERINGTON).
               i.    Angela Beatrice LEAVER.

19.    Russell John LEAVER.  He married Melanie JONES.
               i.    Miles James LEAVER.
               ii.    Alisha Florence LEAVER.
               iii.    Sharni Fay LEAVER.

20.    Lisa Joanne LEAVER.  She married Phillip John FUREY, married 2 Sep 2005 in Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia (son of Peter Phillip FUREY and Marie Elaine NIPPERUS).
               i.    Alex Stephen FUREY.
               ii.    Nicholas John FUREY.