Doing my family tree means including my ex-wifes mob as they are, of course, half of my childrens tree. Birth details of 6th & 7th generations deleted  for their privacy

1.    John O'LOUGHLIN, d. 7 Jun 1878.  He married Johanna HOWELT, b. Abt 1803 in Somerset, England.
          2.    i.    John O'LOUGHLIN b. 1808.

Generation Two

2.    John O'LOUGHLIN, b. 1808, d. 7 Jun 1878.  Left Southampton on 3rd November 1853 on the Tudor, a 1054 ton ship carrying government immigrants and musical instuments. Arrived with 6 children in Melbourne, Victoria 25th January 1854 and settled in Ballarat after a period in Geelong. The family settled on land at Kirk's Dam - later known as Gong Gong Reservoir, near Warrenheip by 1867. John purchased 11 acres 38 perches and later aquired another 10 acres 4 perches beside the first section of land ( Crown Allotments 17 & 16 in Section 3 of the parish of Warrenheip). Illiterate - his will signed by "his mark".
    Originally buried in the New Cemetery, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia but his remains transferred to the Ballarat Old Cemetery in September 1889.
    The real estate of the will lists:- The two properties above; the first was fenced but no other improvements on it. The second had a four room weatherboard cottage (iron roof, canvas and paper lined) built 18 years previously. The block fenced with post and two-rail and valued at £4 per acre.
    He also had 4 cows valued at £12, plough (£1.10.0), Chaff cutter (£4.10.0), a dresser, 2 tables, 2 beds, a sofa, and six chairs all old and valued at £3. He had no crops growing and no debts were due to him. He married Catherine FITZGIBBONS, b. 1818 in County Clare, Ireland, d. 20 Feb 1901.  Catherine: Death Certificate lists parents as unknown.
               i.    Margaret O'LOUGHLIN.  Of Mt Clear in 1878. She married Patrick KEIRSE.  Patrick: Variously spelt as Kearse, Kierce.
               ii.    Bridget O'LOUGHLIN.  She married James GILES, married 1864 in Victoria, Australia.
               iii.    Mary O'LOUGHLIN.  She married Martin FINN.  Martin: Of Buningyong in 1878.
               iv.    Susan O'LOUGHLIN.  Occupation given as domestic servant in her fathers will.
               v.    John O'LOUGHLIN, d. Bef 1878.  Listed as deceased in fathers will written 1878.
               vi.    Ann O'LOUGHLIN, d. 10 Jun 1889.  Residing new Zealand 1878. She married Martin MACNAMARA.
               vii.    Louise O'LOUGHLIN.  Residing New Zealand 1878. She married James BRITTS.
               viii.    Ellen Catherine O'LOUGHLIN.
          3.    ix.    Michael O'LOUGHLIN b. 18 Jun 1855.

Generation Three

3.    Michael O'LOUGHLIN, b. 18 Jun 1855, d. Jun 1913.  In fathers will of 1878 listed as labourer of Gippsland.     He married Anna O'REILLY, married 1877 in Brown Hill, Victoria, Australia, b. 4 Aug 1853 in Eureka, Victoria, Australia (daughter of Walter O'REILLY and Ellen O'LEARY),  d. 25 Apr 1949.  Anna: LDS AVR - Spouse O'RILLEY, Annie, Marriage Place:  Brown Hill, Reg Year:  1877, Reg State:  Victoria, Ref #:  3006.
    Michael O'Loughlin funeral notice refers to "of his mother-in-law, Mrs Walter O'Reilly". Other sources show O'Riley.
               i.    Margaret O'LOUGHLIN, b. 13 Oct 1878.  Believed to have died in childbirth leaving one child in New Zealand. She married UnknownM SEYMOUR.
               ii.    Ellen O'LOUGHLIN, b. 1879 in Bungaree, Victoria, Australia, d. 1880 in Bungaree, Victoria, Australia.
               iii.    Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, b. 1880 in Bungaree, Victoria, Australia, d. 18 Mar 1881 in Bungaree, Victoria, Australia.  LDS AVR - Bridgt,CD 670935,  Death, Father: Michl, Mother: Riley Ann
                     Age at Death:    3M, Death Place:  W'Heip, Reg Year:  1881,Reg State:  Victoria, Ref Number:    3122    .
          4.    iv.    John O'LOUGHLIN b. 29 May 1883.
               v.    Mary Magdalen O'LOUGHLIN, b. 20 Sep 1885, d. 1912 in Ballarat Hospital, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  A domestic in Ballarat.
          5.    vi.    Annie O'LOUGHLIN b. 20 Nov 1885.
          6.    vii.    Susan Frances O'LOUGHLIN b. 24 Dec 1886.
               viii.    Patrick James O'LOUGHLIN, b. 20 Aug 1889, d. 1985.  Red hair, lived in Sydney, N.S.W. and had no children. He married (1) Gillie GILCHRIST.  Gillie: Father designed the Sydney Zoo. He married (2) Vera SOHPER.
          7.    ix.    Catherine Elizabeth O'LOUGHLIN b. 27 Feb 1893.
          8.    x.    Agnes Jane O'LOUGHLIN b. 13 Oct 1894.
          9.    xi.    Sarah Christine (Sadie) O'LOUGHLIN b. 25 Apr 1897.

Generation Four

4.    John O'LOUGHLIN, b. 29 May 1883 in Gong-Gong, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, d. 14 Jun 1960 in Hilton Park, Western Australia, Australia.  John (Jack) & Isabella (Belle) went to Kurrania, W.A. from where timber was supplied for the Kalgoorlie mines where Jack was a horse driver. When the timber cut out they joined a mobile timber camp at Kurrawang (15kms south west of Kalgoorlie) which moved with prefabricated buildings about every 6 mnths. Belle wanted a more stable life & moved to Bunbury with all children except Clarrie who remained working the timber line with his father with them going to Bunbury for holidays. He married Isabella Marjorie Florence McCOMBE, married 28 Mar 1910 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia, b. 19 Aug 1889 in Narrawong, Victoria, Australia (daughter of Henry McCOMBE and Susan Louisa LOOKER),  d. 31 Oct 1955 in Victoria Park, Western Australia, Australia.
          10.    i.    Clarence John O'LOUGHLIN b. 26 May 1910.
          11.    ii.    Anne O'LOUGHLIN b. 12 May 1912.
               iii.    Henry Allan O'LOUGHLIN, b. 3 Sep 1914 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia, d. 8 Sep 1942 in Papua, buried in Port Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, occupation Mill Hand.  Killed in action in the Owen Stanley Ranges. The battle is described in Malcom Uren's "A Thousand Men at War". Sgt. (WX3529) 2/16 INF BN.
          12.    iv.    Eileen O'LOUGHLIN b. 31 Jan 1917.
          13.    v.    Martin Mulvay O'LOUGHLIN b. 21 Dec 1919.

5.    Annie O'LOUGHLIN, b. 20 Nov 1885, d. 14 Jun 1977 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia, buried in Balingup, Western Australia, Australia.  She married David WALKER, d. 15 Jan 1980, buried in Balingup, Western Australia, Australia.
               i.    Les WALKER.
               ii.    David WALKER.
               iii.    Kathleen WALKER.  She married Les KANE.
               iv.    Joyce WALKER.  She married Guy GIBBLITT.
               v.    Sheila WALKER.  She married UnknownM TURTON.
               vi.    Jack WALKER.

6.    Susan Frances O'LOUGHLIN, b. 24 Dec 1886, d. 21 Nov 1971 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Witnesses to Marriage - Fred Clavarino and Catherine Elizabeth O'Loughlin. She married Frank TOMES, married 12 Jun 1939.
               i.    Teresa TOMES.  She married Stan HAMPTON.

7.    Catherine Elizabeth O'LOUGHLIN, b. 27 Feb 1893, d. 7 Mar 1980 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Nurse at Ballarat Mental Hospital. She married Frederick CLAVARINO, b. Abt 1895, d. 4 Feb 1948 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Frederick: WWI Served with the 29th Battalion.
               i.    Kevin John CLAVARINO, d. 2 Jun 1960.  Died when his motor bike collided with a car. He married Nellie VAN GAANS.

8.    Agnes Jane O'LOUGHLIN, b. 13 Oct 1894 in Fish Creek, Victoria, Australia, d. 30 Jul 1981 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  She married (1) John Patrick COTTER, d. 6 May 1942, buried in Leongatha.  She married (2) William SHEEDY, d. 12 Dec 1974.
                Children by John Patrick COTTER:
               i.    John COTTER, d. 4 Oct 1972.

9.    Sarah Christine (Sadie) O'LOUGHLIN, b. 25 Apr 1897 in Leongatha, Victoria, Australia, d. 25 Apr 1982.  She married (1) Bernard Paul RYAN, married 6 Jan 1920, d. Bef 1927.  Bernard: Hotel Keeper in Humffrey. She married (2) Percival Clive CURNOW, d. in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Percival: An attendant at Ballarat Mental Hospital with Fred Claverino.
                Children by Bernard Paul RYAN:
               i.    William Edward RYAN, b. 1922, d. 1992.  He married Mary BLACK.
               ii.    Thomas Francis RYAN, b. 1924, d. 1938.
               iii.    Berna Mary (Peggy) RYAN, b. 1926, d. May 1948.
                Children by Percival Clive CURNOW:
               iv.    Donald CURNOW, b. 1935, d. 24 Oct 1946 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Killed by a car outside the family home.
               v.    James CURNOW.
          14.    vi.    Pauline CURNOW b. 1931.
          15.    vii.    Dorothy (Dot) CURNOW b. 1933.
          16.    viii.    Raymond CURNOW b. 1936.

Generation Five

10.    Clarence John O'LOUGHLIN, b. 26 May 1910 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia, occupation Boilermaker, d. 15 Aug 1998 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.  He married (1) Rouie Lorraine Rose DUNNING, married 1943 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, divorced 1946, b. 16 Oct 1916 in Peterborough, South Australia, Australia (daughter of Clarence Roy DUNNING and Ella May FORD),  d. 19 May 1991 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.  He married (2) Eileen Emily GUMMOW, married 1951 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, b. 1914 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, d. 1998 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.  Eileen: Previouly married Fisher?.
                Children by Rouie Lorraine Rose DUNNING:
          17.    i.    Helen O'LOUGHLIN b. 4 Jan 1945.
                Children by Eileen Emily GUMMOW:
               ii.    Henry Allan (Harry) O'LOUGHLIN, b. 20 Nov 1953 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.  An electrical engineer with Mount Newman Mining Company.

11.    Anne O'LOUGHLIN, b. 12 May 1912 in Reg 1379, District Perth, Western Australia, d. 20 Jul 1993 in South Perth, Western Australia, Australia.  Electoral Rolls
    1936 Fremantle-Balkatta, 395 Oxford St, Home duties (Will, Labourer)
    . She married William John Stephen JENKINS, married 1931 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, b. 1911 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia (son of Unknown JENKINS), d. 26 Aug 1978 in Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia.  William: Worked as timber cutter during 1930's depression. After studying at School of Mines, he joined the State Electricity Commission.
          18.    i.    Gerard James JENKINS b. 3 Mar 1933.
          19.    ii.    Maureen Anne JENKINS b. 13 Feb 1935.
          20.    iii.    Wilma Rae JENKINS b. 30 Aug 1939.
          21.    iv.    John William JENKINS b. 1947.
          22.    v.    Anne Teresa JENKINS b. 1950.

12.    Eileen O'LOUGHLIN, b. 31 Jan 1917 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia, d. 19 Dec 1979 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.  She married John Alfred (Jack) COKER, married 1947 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, b. 1905 in England, occupation Farmer, d. 31 May 1995 in Greenwood, Western Australia, Australia.  John: Took up virgin land at Narembeen, W.A. in 1923 and developed a large wheat farm.
          23.    i.    Robert John COKER b. 1941.
               ii.    Cathy COKER.  She married Graham LAWTIE.  Graham: Children - Angela, Andrew, Mathew, Julieanne.
          24.    iii.    Lawrence Malcolm COKER b. 1948.

13.    Martin Mulvay O'LOUGHLIN, b. 21 Dec 1919 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia, d. 1 Dec 1992 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, occupation Bricklayer/Newsagent.  Named from nurses attending birth - Misses Martin & Mulvay. Parents address on Birth Cert. 10 Outridge Terrace, Kalgoorlie.
    Army # WX 3152 2/16 Battalian AIF.
    WWII - North Africa, Syria (The Litani, Sidon, Damour & Wadi Zeini), New Guinea (Kokoda Trail, Gona, Ramu Valley & Shaggy Ridge), Borneo (Balikpapan)
    Army discharge Papers show Height 5ft 10 3/4 ins, Eyes Brown, Complexion Dark, hair Dark. He married Verna McKAY, married 15 Mar 1946 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, b. 3 Jul 1914 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia (daughter of Kenneth McKAY and Edith DUNWOODIE),  d. 21 Feb 2003 in Armadale, Western Australia, Australia, occupation Seamstress.  Verna: Home address on birth Cert. 30 Gardener St, East Perth.
          25.    i.    Lee Christine O'LOUGHLIN b. 23 Aug 1947.

14.    Pauline CURNOW, b. 1931.  She married Ronald MOONEY, b. 1924, d. 1983.
               i.    Christine MOONEY.  She married Rob MITCHELL, married Abt 1996, d. 23 Mar 2003.
               ii.    Helen MOONEY.  She married Brian SMITH.
               iii.    Jennifer MOONEY.  She married Gary VAGG.
               iv.    Brendan MOONEY.  He married Colleen PAULSON.
               v.    Peter MOONEY.  He married Debbie LORD.
               vi.    Kathryn MOONEY.  She married Christopher YOUNG.
               vii.    Adrian MOONEY.  He married Mary BORG.
               viii.    Darren MOONEY.  He married Thea LITRAS.

15.    Dorothy (Dot) CURNOW, b. 1933.  She married Ian GRUNDELL.
               i.    Anne GRUNDELL.
               ii.    David GRUNDELL.
               iii.    Ross GRUNDELL.

16.    Raymond CURNOW, b. 1936.  He married Dorothy MAXWELL.
               i.    Donald CURNOW.
               ii.    Gary CURNOW.
               iii.    Rodney CURNOW.
               iv.    Paul CURNOW.

Generation Six

17.    Helen O'LOUGHLIN.  Moved to the USA in 1968. She married (1) David Norman SIMPSON, divorced 1975 in San Diego, California, USA.  She married (2) William Edward ALLEN.  William: Bush pilot and a fishing guide.
                Children by David Norman SIMPSON:
               i.    Lorraine Dale SIMPSON, adopted by mother 1969 in Riverside, California, USA.
          26.    ii.    Lisa Darlene SIMPSON.
               iii.    Janet Marie SIMPSON.  Masters Degree 2008, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. She married Peter Mathew FRANZEN.

18.    Gerard James JENKINS.  He married Dawn Mary GOODE.
          27.    i.    Susan Rae JENKINS.
               ii.    Robert James JENKINS.
               iii.    Leanne JENKINS.  She married Richard Douglas GOUGH.
               iv.    Janet JENKINS.

19.    Maureen Anne JENKINS.  She married Colin Maxwell WILLEY, occupation Chrome Plater.
               i.    Stephen Joel WILLEY.  He married (1) Susan Ann SHEA.  He married (2) Sally Anne MUNROWD.
               ii.    Jennifer Louise WILLEY.
               iii.    Roger Joseph WILLEY.
               iv.    Kathryn Laura WILLEY.

20.    Wilma Rae JENKINS.  She married Walter Frederick DUNNE.
               i.    David Morgan DUNNE.
               ii.    Michael William DUNNE.

21.    John William JENKINS.  He married Hilary MARLOW.
               i.    Andrew Paul JENKINS.
               ii.    Nicole Pia JENKINS.

22.    Anne Teresa JENKINS.  She married Peter BLOXSOME.
               i.    Amy Jean BLOXSOME.
               ii.    William Alexander BLOXSOME.

23.    Robert John COKER.  He married Brenda STEAN.
               i.    Christine Anne COKER.  Children:- Allan Henry b 1961 Melbourne, Terrance John b 1962 Melbourne, Darren Scott b 1963 Melbourne, Sandra Gaye b 1967 melbourne. She married Michael WILSON.
               ii.    Allan Henry COKER.
               iii.    Terrance John COKER.
               iv.    Darren Scott COKER.
               v.    Sandra Gaye COKER.

24.    Lawrence Malcolm COKER.  5 kids?- Michelle, Nicole, Anthony 7 twins John & Jessica. He married Jennifer CROWTHER, divorced in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
               i.    Leonie Michelle COKER.
               ii.    Nichole Jane COKER.
               iii.    Anthony Mark COKER.

25.    Lee Christine O'LOUGHLIN.  Born 8.30am K.E.M.H. Subiaco. Birth weight 3lb 13ozs. She married (1) William LEAVER, divorced 1977 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia (son of Ernest Eric LEAVER and Florence Margaret HASTINGS),  occupation Glazier.  She married (2) Paul David ALLEN.  She married (3) Dereck EAGLES.
                Children by William LEAVER:
          28.    i.    Aaron Martin LEAVER.
          29.    ii.    Amber Jacqueline LEAVER.
                Children by Paul David ALLEN:
          30.    iii.    Timothy Michael ALLEN.
          31.    iv.    Elizabeth Jade ALLEN.

Generation Seven

26.    Lisa Darlene SIMPSON, adopted by mother 1969 in Riverside, California, USA.  She married Michael BLACH.
               i.    Renae BLACH.
               ii.    Rachel BLACH.

27.    Susan Rae JENKINS.  She married Malcolm George YOUNG.
               i.    Kellie Anne YOUNG.
               ii.    Belinda Jane YOUNG.

28.    Aaron Martin LEAVER, occupation Soldier.  He married (1) Clarissa Stefana LEFANTE (daughter of Gaetano LEFANTE and Patricia FYFE).   Clarissa: Stefana from born on St. Stephens day. He married (2) Natalie Dianne GILLET (daughter of Daniel Patrick DWYER and Susan GILLET),  occupation Army Nurse (Major).
                Children by Clarissa Stefana LEFANTE:
               i.    Reece William LEAVER.  born 4:58 am, weight 7lb 10ozs.
                Children by Natalie Dianne GILLET:
               ii.    Gage Desmond LEAVER.  Birth Weight 3.66kg.
               iii.    Declan Kaine LEAVER.
               iv.    Maisy Isobel LEAVER.

29.    Amber Jacqueline LEAVER, occupation Nursery Hand.  Born Bentley Hospital, Dr. S. Jacob attending at 1.00A.M.weight 7lb 11ozs. She married Scott Allan MARSH (son of Kenneth MARSH and Valerie NOBLE),  occupation Hardware Retail.
               i.    Austin Lee MARSH.

30.    Timothy Michael ALLEN.  Partner Veronica WILSON.
               i.    Jasmin Eloise WILSON.

31.    Elizabeth Jade ALLEN.  She married (2) Matthew LUNN.
               i.    Tate Edward ALLEN.
                Children by Matthew LUNN:
               ii.    Brodie LUNN.
               iii.    Oliver Martin LUNN.  Born 2.13am, 6lb 8oz, 5 weeks early by C-Section.