Sydney 2012
We flew to Melbourne and joined up with Leah's Mum and John, Anna & Gary, Vanni, Tina & Lisa. Five days of cruising and eating and Tasmania and finishing in Sydney.  Anna & Gary kindly put us up for a couple of nights and even though we were sworn off food for a month how could we not sample Stef's world famous Szechuan Beef. Then to catch up with a lot of the clan and then pig out again. More photos but I'll do them later.
In Tassie with our ship behind
Lisa & Joy (Leah)
Formal night
Seldy & Nicole
Leah, Carlos & Cora
Michael & Seldy
Tina & Steve
Seldy & Lisa
Snez, Hannah & Nicole
Leah & Lilia
Cristos, Chris, Andre & Snez
Leah & Ric
Digna & Anna
The "Mob"
Leah, Lilia, Seldy, Digna & Cora
Hannah, Sherif & Nicole
Lilia, Nicole & Leah
Chris, Lilia & Snez
Lilia & Sherif
Seldy & Michael