"LINCOLNSHIRE To wit: The Jurors for our Sovereign upon their Oath present that Edward BABINGTON late of the parish of Reevesby on the Eighth day of March,1823 in the Reign of our Sovereign King George IV and with force and arms at the parish of Reevesby aforesaid in the parts of the County aforesaid.  Labourer, charged by J. HOLDEN of Reevesby, with having slaughtered a wether sheep, in a pasture in the parish of Reevesby, and feloniously taken away the carcass thereof, leaving the skin, head, and entrails, the property of the said J. Holden. Then and there being found feloniously did wrongfully act against the peace of our Sovereign George Crown and Dignity." 

He departed from Portsmouth, England on March 29,1824 on the "Phoenix II". (589 tons, built on the Thames River in 1798 and classified as EI in 1824).  The ship carried 190 male convicts. The "Phoenix II" arrived in Hobart on July 21,1824 having sailed via Tenerife and the Canary Islands - the voyage took 114 days.  When he arrived in Hobart he was fifty years old, married with seven children and a native of Old Bollingbroke. 

On December 16,1824, Mr. J. THOMAS, to whom Edward BABINGTON was assigned, wrote to the Colonial Secretary on his behalf to ask that Edward BABINGTON's wife and children be brought over to join him.  

The family traveled on the ship "Sir Charles Forbes" a female convict ship, which was also used to bring out families of convicts. It departed England on September 16,1826 and arrived in Hobart on January 3,1827. The record shows:- 
Mary BABINGTON - age 55 
 Rebecca - age 22 
 Elizabeth - age 17 
 John  age 15 (should have been James?)  

Susannah was probably on board as well, but since these names were taken from the surgeon's report, her name would not be on the list unless she was sick. (Surgeon's report available on microfilm at the State Library of Victoria ADM 101/67, reel 3209-3210).  

Edward BABINGTON died on July 19,1828, aged 55 years.  Mary BABINGTON (nee Brown) Edward's wife died on February l,1831 in Hobart, aged 60 years. 


Richard (b. 1799) the first born child of Edward and Mary BABINGTON ( and brother of my Great Great Grandmother, Rebecca) was  charged at Lindsey Quarter Sessions Louth October 1829 with stealing  bacon, wheatmeal & 2 sacks from Henry Wood of Toynton St. Peter, Miller
and received seven years transportation . Arrived per  Nithsdale 1830. Ticket of Leave granted (TL34/1605) 1830. January 1840 employed as casual labour by Alexander Mollison, the first squatter in the Loddon Valley. 

 In partnership with John Carpenter, another Mollison employee, he set up a run they named Glenlyon, in 1844.  
The name Glen Lyon is shown on original leases, but has been joined into one name in later years. Richard Babington and John Carpenter made application for the Glen Lyon lease on 27th March 1848. The application was in accordance with the Act (1) in that they had occupied one year prior. A lease for 10,240 acres was granted. Babington held the Glenlyon lease with John Carpenter until October 1850, from then until August 1853 it was in his name only. Babington and Carpenter also built a hotel, the Glenlyon Inn, in 1844. It was the first in the area, midway between Mt Franklin and the Loddon. The venture was not successful as it was too far off the main road to Castlemaine.  

Richard was killed on 6th April 1853 when thrown from a horse. He was survived by his second wife Mary, whom he had married in 1845, and three children. His first wife, also Mary, he had married in Lincolnshire in 1821 and at this point I do  not if she had died or if Richard did as so many transported convicts did and just marry again in Australia. (2) Following Richards death the run was managed by his brother, James. The lease was held in trust in Richard's name until February 1855, when it was  transferred to James Babington's name. James applied for a Pre-emptive right of 640 acres immediately north of the existing Glenlyon store. James also purchased property immediately south of the Glenlyon township.   

The only reminder of Richard Babington is a hill, north of Lyonville, which is named after him. 

(1) As demand for land grew, Governor Gipps enacted the Imperial Wastelands Act ( 1842). This saw an upset price increase to one pound per acre, with squatters having the option to purchase a mile square plot around their homestead. The balance of their run was leased until the Government considered it "ripe" for auction. Those choosing to take up the option, did so under a Pre-emptive right. 
(2) This was  by law but cannot recall the legislation. When I do I'll whack it in. 

  Descendants of Christopher BABINGTON  
This is just the basics for 3 generations which takes it to the generation of my Great Great Grandmother Rebecca Babington

1. Christopher BABINGTON, b. ABT 1725, Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, England., 
        (son of Christopher BABINGTON and Elizabeth (BABINGTON). He married 
        (1) Anne WHITE, m. 9 May 1742, in Withcall, Lincolnshire, England,.  He married 
        (2) Elisabeth OGALSBY, m. 27 Dec 1743.  He married  
        (3) Susannah WILSON, m. 1 Jun 1762, b. 1740.  Christopher died Feb 1811, 
        Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, England. 
      i William BABINGTON, d. infancy. 
      ii Sarah BABINGTON.  She married David RICHARDSON. 
      iii Dinah/Edina/Edna BABINGTON.  She married Robert WRIGHT. 
      iv Susannah BABINGTON, b. 1763.  She married Unknown HOBSON. 
      v Mary BABINGTON, b. 1764, d. 1769. 
      vi Christopher BABINGTON, b. 1766, d. 1788. 
      vii Christopher BABINGTON, b. 1768, d. 1770. 
    2. viii James b. 1771. 
    3. ix Edward b. OCT 1773. 
    4. x Thomas b. 1775. 
      xi Anne BABINGTON, b. 1779.  She married John CLEMENTS. 

Second Generation 

2. James BABINGTON, b. 1771, Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire. 
        He married Felicia.  James died 1856. 
      i Felicia BABINGTON, b. 1805. 
      ii Frances BABINGTON, b. 1806. 
      iii James BABINGTON, b. 1807. 
      iv Lelita BABINGTON.  She married Henry BOLTON. 
      v Frederick BABINGTON, b. 1810. 
      vi William BABINGTON, b. 1812. 
    5. vii Henry b. 1815. 
      viii Elizabeth Jane BABINGTON, b. 1818. 
      ix Jane Felicia BABINGTON, b. 1820. 

3. Edward BABINGTON, b. OCT 1773, Spilsby, Linc., England. 
        He married Mary BROWN, m. 14 May 1798, in Asgarby Church, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, 
        b. 1771, d. 1 Feb 1831, Tasmania.  Edward died 18 Jul 1828, Hobart, Tasmania. 
    6. i Richard b. 22 Mar 1799. 
    7. ii Edward b. 14 Mar 1801. 
      iii Thomas BABINGTON, b. 23 Aug 1802, d. 1807. 
      iv Anne BABINGTON, b. 9 Oct 1803, East Kirby, Lincolnshire  She married Unknown MEAD. 
        Anne died OCT 1873, Lincolnshire 
    8. v Rebecca b. 23 Feb 1805. 
    9. vi Susanna b. 8 Feb 1808. 
      vii Peter BABINGTON, b. 20 Oct 1809, Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, d. 1810. 
    10. viii Elizabeth b. 19 Sep 1810. 
      ix Christopher BABINGTON, b. DEC 1811, Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, d. infancy. 
    11. x James (John b. 28 Dec 1814. 

4. Thomas BABINGTON, b. 1775.  He married Martha, m. 1794. 
      i Elizabeth BABINGTON, b. 1794. 
      ii Mary BABINGTON, b. 1795. 
      iii John BABINGTON, b. 1798. 
      iv Anne BABINGTON, b. 1800. 
      v Martha BABINGTON, b. 1803. 
      vi Joseph BABINGTON, b. 1806. 
      vii Susan BABINGTON, b. 1815. 
      viii Mary BABINGTON, b. 1817. 

Third Generation 

5. Henry BABINGTON, b. 1815, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England. 
        He married Helen HOWDEN, m. 27 Jun 1837, in St. Marys Church, Horncastle, Lincolnshire 
      i Felicia BABINGTON, b. 1840. 
      ii Rebecca Smith BABINGTON, b. 1843. 
      iii Ann BABINGTON, b. 1843. 
    12. iv Mary Jane b. 1845. 

6. Richard BABINGTON, b. 22 Mar 1799, East Kirby, Lincolnshire, England. 
        He married (1) Mary HALDEN, m. 1845, in Victoria, Australia.  He married 
        (2) Mary STARMER, m. 5 Oct 1821, in Boston, Lincolnshire, England. 
        Richard died 6 Apr 1853, Glenlyon Station, Victoria, Australia. 
    13. i Rebecca Mary. 
    14. ii Susannah b. 1845. 
    15. iii Richard b. 20 Oct 1847. 
      iv Anne BABINGTON, b. 1824. 
      v Mary BABINGTON. 

7. Edward BABINGTON, b. 14 Mar 1801, East Kirby, Lincolnshire, England. 
        He married Anne LAKE/LUKE, m. 25 Aug 1825, in Boston, Lincolnshire, England., 
        b. 1801, Algarkirk,Lincolnshire,England.  Edward died 18 Nov 1849, Licolnshire, England. 
      i Mildred BABINGTON. 
      ii Edward BABINGTON, b. 1819, d. 1840. 
      iii John BABINGTON, b. 1825. 
      iv Mary Ann BABINGTON, b. 1826. 
      v Harriet BABINGTON, b. 1828. 
      vi Susannah BABINGTON, b. 1828, d. 1899. 
      vii Elizabeth Lucy BABINGTON, b. 1830. 
      viii Benjamin Lake BABINGTON, b. 1833. 
    16. ix Richard Lawson b. 1835. 
      x Rebecca BABINGTON, b. 1837. 
      xi Edward BABINGTON, b. 1840.  He married Ann, m. 1871.  Edward died 1926. 
    17. xii Hephzibah Ruth b. 1845. 

8. Rebecca BABINGTON, b. 23 Feb 1805, East Kirby, Lincolnshire, England. 
        She married George Samuel BEARD, m. 13 May 1828, in Hobart, Tasmania., 
        b. 22 Jan 1797, England., d. 18 Oct 1871, Hobart, Tasmania. 
        Rebecca died 9 Dec 1863, Hobart, Tasmania. 
    18. i Anne b. 12 Mar 1829. 
    19. ii Susanna Priscilla b. 14 Mar 1831. 
      iii Rebecca BEARD, b. 25 Mar 1833, Hobart, Tasmania. 
        She married William MITSON, m. 12 Jul 1851, in Hobart, Tasmania., 
        b. 1827, d. 1899, Port Cygnet, Tasmania.  Rebecca died 2 Oct 1899, Port Cygnet, Tasmania. 
    20. iv Alfred William b. 7 Sep 1835. 
    21. v George Frederick b. 6 Dec 1837. 
    22. vi Mary Elizabeth b. 13 May 1840. 
    23. vii Esther Felicia b. 1 May 1843. 
    24. viii Edward b. 16 Jan 1846. 

9. Susanna BABINGTON, b. 8 Feb 1808, Asquith, Licolnshire, England. 
        She married William LAWRENCE, m. 15 Nov 1828, in Hobart Town, buried: 
        Bruny Island, Tasmania.  Susanna died 12 May 1893, Tasmania., buried: Bruny Island, Tasmania. 
      i William LAWRENCE, b. 23 Aug 1832, d. ABT SEP 1832. 
    25. ii Mary b. 17 Jun 1834. 
    26. iii Esther b. 9 Jun 1836. 
    27. iv Susanna b. 12 Jul 1839. 

10. Elizabeth BABINGTON, b. 19 Sep 1810, Old Bolingbroke.  She married George 
        DAVIS, m. 8 Mar 1830, in Hobart, Tasmania., b. 5 Apr 1807, d. 1 Apr 1881, 
        buried: Rookwood, NEW SOUTH WALES  Elizabeth died 27 Sep 1895, 
        Newtown, Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES 
    28. i Joseph Abraham. 
      ii James DAVIS. 
    29. iii George Augustus b. NOV 1831. 
    30. iv Joshua Josiah b. 23 Oct 1834. 
    31. v Elizabeth b. 26 Apr 1837. 
      vi Charles Frederick DAVIS, b. 13 May 1839.  He married Susan CHISMETT. 
    32. vii Albert Babington b. 1842. 
      viii Johanna DAVIS, b. 1847.  She married Mathew Donald PICTON.  Johanna died 1880. 
      ix Mary Ann DAVIS, b. 1851.  She married Thomas SIDWELL. 
    33. x Susan Harriet b. 28 May 1854. 

11. James (John) BABINGTON, b. 28 Dec 1814.  He married (1) Ann SOUTHEY, 
        m. 13 Jul 1835, in Launceston, Tasmania.  He married (2) Elizabeth Louisa MOULD, 
        m. 1859, in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. 
        James died 10 Dec 1883, Glenlyon Station, Victoria, Australia. 
    34. i Mary Ann Maria b. 1 Apr 1836. 
    35. ii James Alfred b. 17 Aug 1838. 
    36. iii Letitia Louisa b. 8 Apr 1841. 
    37. iv Emma b. 7 Dec 1843. 
      v Richard BABINGTON, b. 13 Jul 1846, Brighton, Tasmania. 
      vi Edward BABINGTON, b. 4 May 1848, Richmond, Tasmania. 
      vii Georgina BABINGTON, b. 1859, Hepburn, Victoria, Australia., d. 1864. 
      viii Louisa Matilda BABINGTON, b. 1861, Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia., d. 1864. 
      ix Francis Mary BABINGTON, b. 1864, Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia. 
      x Louisa Elizabeth BABINGTON, b. 1865, Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia. 
      xi James William BABINGTON, b. 1872, Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia. 
      xii Frederick Joseph BABINGTON, b. 1874, Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia. 


Information that I have is that Anthony Babington, leader of the "Babington Plot", and executed in 1586 was the brother of George from whom I am descended. This has not yet been proven but I'm hopeful. After all, many Australian genealogists can claim a convict or two but this is even more interesting. 

Anthony, along with his fellow conspirators, was hung drawn and quartered on the 20th September, 1586.  

It was his letter to  Mary, Queen of Scots, that  led in her execution, for her reply, intercepted by Francis Walsingham, proved her knowledge of the plot against Elizabeth. 

The line, if correct, which makes me the 8th great grand nephew of Anthony. 

George Babington (Brother to Anthony, son of  Henry Babington & Mary Darcy) 
Ferdinando Babington 
Cornelius Babington 
Christopher Babington 
Edward Babington 
Rebecca Babington 
Alfred William Beard 
Ernest Eric Leaver 
William Leaver 

BABINGTON  Bits and Pieces 
I have a lot more but how accurate it is I cannot say. I list it it for your comment/correction. Would love to receive confirmation of any of it (and of any other page), especially supporting documentation. and Photos - always photos !. 

 Descendants of John de Babington d aft. 1220   through to Edward b 1776 (first Babington of my line to Australia). 

The sources of this are everything from Bourkes Peerage to websites to info kindly sent to me. There are errors for sure. 

I have a jpg copy of a letter apparently written by Ned Kelly to a Police Sgt. James Babington when Ned was 16 but as yet I have been unable to find reference to it in any book on Ned Kelly, including one I have, Australia's Favourite Son

I have some good jpgs of another distant relative, Major General James melville BABINGTON