The Group Settlement scheme was pretty much doomed to failure from the beginning although it was successful in opening up areas of the southwest of Western Australia. 

Simple in it's concept, England had an unemployment problem after the Great War of 1914-18, and the Western Australian Government wanted farmers in the Southwest. 

The Hasting family arrived in Australia at Albany Western Australia in March 1925 aboard the Aberdeen Line S.S. Demosthenes and went to Denmark where Granpa took up land on a Group Settlement scheme. Supporting documentation to "Application for admission of Relatives or friends to Australia. Gertrude Tearle" states an acreage of 187 acres and a letter of 28th July 1927 says 

 "The Field Supervisor of the Group Settlement Branch, advises me that Mr. HASTINGS is a very satisfactory settler, and should be able to provide amply for the person referred to. He is at present living in a very comfortable four-roomed cottage. 
In response to a letter, Mr. HASTINGS informs me that he has three in family, two girls and a boy, aged respectively seven, twelve, and two years, and that he also has Donald TEARLE brother to Gertrude TEARLE now nominated by him." 

Dad, a schoolteacher, was posted to Groups 58 & 111 ( later known as Harewood Rd School) at an annual salary of £235 ($470) at the beginning of 1932 and he boarded with them. In 1933 Granpa walked off the farm. 

Dad's postings to Group Settlements schools 

GROUP 141 
Head Teacher on Probation                1930 - 1931 

GROUPS 58 & 111 
Head Teacher on Probation                1931 - 1933 

Head Teacher                                      1934 -1940 
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