Welcome to my page. My interest in my family history just keeps growing. I am certainly not the most knowledgeable genealogist around but if I waited until I was, this page  would never have got off the ground .

It is not my intention to put everything I have on these pages as apart from space limitations I want people to contact me. So if you find something for your family tree here that's great, but as the song says 'What about me".

I use Brothers Keeper for my genealogy and Word for Windows 97, so I can send and use gedcom, Word Documents and rtf files. All my photos are jpg.
I only put it on these pages if I believe it to be correct but as I get better at this and go further into it there are bound to be some corrections required.  Instead of constantly saying things like "as far as I know" or "it appears" I'm just going to present it as fact and then change it when and if required.
In living generations where there are marriages that result in divorce and no children are involved I leave them out. The way I see it is nothing is to be gained but someone may be upset. Should I discover any juicy scandals it will depend on how long ago it happened as to how I will deal with it. I would certainly record it in my records but I would not necessarily blab on these pages. The 'facts' that  would be interesting to me may be upsetting to someone else.

In my data bases if I don't know a maiden name I put the married name in brackets so my wife, Leah CASTRO would, in the unlikely scenario where I didn't know her maiden name, appear as Leah (LEAVER)

Outside of my immediate family I will not include living generation children's full  birthdays etc unless I know for sure there are no objections.
I do not knowingly breach copyright nor would I knowingly upset anyone in pursuit of my hobby. Any grizzles will be treated with respect and with haste.

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