The first LEAVER to Australia of our mob was Thomas. He took awhile to find as I knew his age at death in 1879 was 58 and that he died in South Australia, and this was all I knew. With a birth year of around 1821 (depending on month) he wasn't born in South Australia as it wasn't colonised until 1836. Took about two years but got it in the end. 

LIST of Immigrants per Ship “Steadfast” arrived on 26th March 1849 gives the following details: 
Leaver Thomas, age 27, calling farm Laborer, Native Place and County Backlin, Sussex, Religion Ch of E, Read or Write Both, Remarks Wife died on the voyage.  
Leaver Louisa, age 1, Native Place and County Godstone Surrey.   

Another report gives his Parents' names as Daniel and Mary. 

The STEADFAST left Plymouth on 24th November 1848, arriving N.S.W. 26th March 1849. 

I then went to the 1851 census for Sussex. Went through the lot, no Backlin but there was/is Beckley. I can just imagine him giving his details to the Immigration Board official with his country English accent and it being written down with him saying Beckley and the official hearing Backlin. For the whole of Sussex there were only three Leaver families ( and two other households with a servant Leaver) and all were in Beckley. The eldest "Head of Family" was a widower, Daniel. The two other households were the right ages to be his sons. I think it a reasonable assumption of proof at this stage but will not be satisfied till I have more "proof". 

What follows is the families as I have it to this point of Daniel and his children and then the direct line ancestors for myself. 

While in Queensland I came across a book, "The Leaver Family 1874 - 1986" by Lillian Maude Eaton. There is no apparent connection but I have compiled a database in my Brothers Keeper program. The database has 599 naames of which 78 are Leaver. As this book was written and published in 1986 I guess there a a few more of that mob by now. The book starts with George LEAVER, b 20 Feb. 1850, Berkshire, England who migrated to Australia in 1874.

I have a fair bit more than what is below. My database goes back another 2 generations (so Daniels sibling do not appear below etc). But if your reading this I want you to contact me for more so I can get some from you as well  

  1. Daniel LEAVER, b. ABT 1776, Beckley, Sussex, England, (son of Charles 
        LEAVER and Elizabeth BRANN). He married Mary COLEMAN, 
        m. 14 Feb 1809, in Northiam, Sussex., Eng 
         i Mary LEAVER. 
    2. ii William b. ABT 1811. 
        iii Henry LEAVER. 
         iv Ann LEAVER. 
    3. v James b. ABT 1816. 
    4. vi Charles b. ABT 1821. 
    5. vii Thomas b. ABT 1821. 
        viii Daniel LEAVER. 
        ix Jane LEAVER, b. Beckley, Sussex, England 
        x John LEAVER. 

                                Second Generation 
2. William LEAVER, b. ABT 1811, Beckley, Sussex, England. 
        He married Sarah HUTCHINSON. 
    6. i Alfred b. ABT 1830. 
        ii Mary LEAVER, b. ABT 1832, Beckley, Sussex, England 
        iii Spencer LEAVER. 
        iv Harriot LEAVER, b. ABT 1841, Brede, Sussex, England 

3. James LEAVER, b. ABT 1816, Beckley, Sussex, England  He married Louisa , 
        b. ABT 1821, Beckley, Sussex, England 
      i Levi Walter LEAVER, b. ABT 1839, Beckley, Sussex, England 
      ii David LEAVER, b. ABT 1842, Beckley, Sussex, England 
      iii Miriam LEAVER, b. ABT 1845, Beckley, Sussex, England 

4. Charles LEAVER, b. ABT 1821, Beckley, Sussex, England  He married Jane, 
        b. ABT 1824, Herstmoneux, Sussex, England 
      i David James LEAVER, b. ABT 1850, Beckley, Sussex, England 

5. Thomas LEAVER, b. ABT 1821, Beckley, Sussex, England  He married 
        (1) Unknown, m.  ABT 1847, in Godstone, Surry, England, b. Godstone, 
        Surrey, England. 
        (2) Matilda HUMPHREY, m. 1850, in N.S.W. 
        Thomas died 12 May 1879, Maryettville, South Australia. 

    Children by UnknownF
         i Louisa LEAVER, b. ABT 1847, Godstone, Surry, England 
    Children by Matilda HUMPHREY: 
        ii Rosina LEAVER, b. 11 Apr 1854, Adelaide, S.A. 
        iii Levy LEAVER, b. 11 Jun 1856, Oakbank, Balhannah, S.A. 
        iv Jane LEAVER, b. 28 Jun 1858, Oakbank, Balhannah, S.A. 
    7. v Eliza b. 18 Jul 1860. 
       vi William LEAVER, b. 26 Mar 1862, Marryatville, S.A. 
       vii Henry LEAVER, b. 28 Feb 1864, Marryatville, S.A. 
       viii John LEAVER, b. 23 Apr 1865, Marryatville, S.A. 
    8. ix Charles Henry b. 19 Mar 1867. 
       x Elizabeth LEAVER, b. 2 Oct 1869, Marryatville, S.A. 


1. William LEAVER, b. 26 Jun 1947, Collie, Western Australia, occupation Taxi driver. 
         married (1) Lee Christine O'LOUGHLIN, m.1967, in Guildford, Western Australia, 
        (2) Leah CASTRO, m. 24 Jan 1987, in Kalamunda, Western Australia, b. 11 Apr 1947, 
        Naawan, Misamis  Oriental, Philippines, occupation Legal Secretary/Artist.. 

2. Ernest Eric LEAVER, b. 1 May 1910, Norwood, South Australia, occupation Schoolteacher, 
        d. 10 Aug 1985, Perth,  Western Australia  He married Florence Margaret HASTINGS, 
        m. 8 May 1933, in Perth, Western Australia 

3. Florence Margaret HASTINGS, b. 17 Jan 1916, Lambeth, Kensington, England, 
        occupation Supermum, d. 6 Jun 1989,  Perth, Western Australia 

                         Grand Parents  
4. Charles Henry LEAVER, b. 19 Mar 1867, Kensington, Adelaide, South Australia, occupation 
        Miner/Prospector/Farmer, d. 20 Sep 1957, Victoria Pk., Perth, Western Australia He married 
        Mabel Gertrude BEARD, m. 18 Oct 1889, in  Cobar, New South Wales 

5. Mabel Gertrude BEARD, b. 14 Oct 1871, Hobart, Tasmania, 
        d. 30 Jun 1951, Mt. Hawthorn, Western Australia 

6. John Harry HASTINGS, b. 29 Oct 1891, St. Albans, London, England, 
        occupation Soldier/Farmer, d. 10 Aug 1964, Perth, Western He married 
        Margaret LEES, m. 6 Apr 1915, in Lambeth, London, England 

7. Margaret LEES, b. 1 Nov 1892, Lambeth, London, England, d. 1 May 1945, 
        Perth, Western Australia. 

                        Great Grand Parents  
8. Thomas LEAVER, b. ABT 1821, Beckley, Sussex, England, occupation Carter, 
        d. 12 May 1879. He married (1) Unknown, m. abt1847, in Godstone, Surrey, England, 
        b. Godstone, Surrey, England. 
        He married (2) Matilda HUMPHREY, m. 1850, in New South Wales. 

9. Matilda HUMPHREY.  Death cert.of Charles Henry shows mother as Humphreys, 
        his birth certificate, Humphrey. South Australian birth index show Humphries on some children. 

10. Alfred William BEARD, b. 7 Sep 1835, Hobart, Tasmania, occupation Smelter, 
        d. 12 Aug 1887, Bourke, New  South Wales  He married Emma COLEMAN, 
        m. 15 Jun 1867, in Wallaroo, South Australia. 

11. Emma COLEMAN, b. ABT 1847, South Wales, d. 6 Jan 1885, Cobar, New South Wales. 

12. John HASTINGS, occupation Shoe hand.  He married Eliza SMITH. 

13. Eliza SMITH. 

14. Arthur LEES, occupation Stonemason (Journeyman), d. bef1915. 
        He married Emma FARNHAM. 

15. Emma FARNHAM. 

                     Great Great Grand Parents  
16. Daniel LEAVER, b. Abt 1776, Beckley, Sussex, England, occupation Ag. Lab. 
        He married Mary COLEMAN, m. 14 Feb 1809, in Northiam, Sussex., England 

17. Mary COLEMAN.. 

20. George Samuel BEARD, b. 22 Jan 1797, England, occupation Hatter, d. 18 Oct 1871, 
        Hobart, Tasmania. He married Rebecca BABINGTON, m. 13 May 1828, in 
        Hobart, Tasmania. 

21. Rebecca BABINGTON, b. 23 Feb 1805, East Kirby, Lincolnshire, England, 
        d. 9 Dec 1863, Hobart, Tasmania 

22. Timothy COLEMAN. He married Ann WILLIAMS. 

23. Ann WILLIAMS. 

                     3rd Great Grand Parents  
32. Charles LEAVER.  He married Elizabeth BRANN, m. 12 Apr 1768, in Northiam, 
        Sussex, England. 

33. Elizabeth BRANN. 

42. Edward BABINGTON, b. Oct. 1773, Spilsby, Linc., England, d. 18 Jul 1828, Hobart, 
        He married Mary BROWN,  m. 14 May 1798, in Asgarby Church, Spilsby, Lincolnshire. 

43. Mary BROWN, b. 1771, d. 1 Feb 1831, Tasmania 

                     4th Great Grand Parents  
64. William LEAVER.  He married Elizabeth.. 

65. Elizabeth (LEAVER). 

84. Christopher BABINGTON, b. ABT 1725, Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, England, 
        d. FEB 1811, Old Bolingbroke,  Lincolnshire, England  All information on Babington's 
        from here are from various sources but not yet confirmed. He married (1) Anne WHITE, 
        m. 9 May 1742, in Withcall, Lincolnshire, Eng,.  He married (2) Elisabeth OGALSBY, 
        m. 27 Dec 1743.  He married (3) Susannah WILSON, m. 1 Jun 1762, b. 1740. 

85. Susannah WILSON, b. 1740.