Plan Ahead with Home Drafting Services in Perth

Many different variables go into building a home. When you're busy dealing with contractors, local councils and applications, you don't want any surprises with your building costs. You'll have an easier time during construction if you have a reliable cost estimate before the builders arrive.

At BJ Building Design, we offer home drafting services in Perth to help you plan ahead for your project.

Accurate Pricing

If you want to stay within budget during your building project, you need accurate pricing before you begin. It's much easier to control costs during the design phase than during construction. You'll find it difficult to make changes in the middle of a build if you don't start with a plan or budget.

At BJ Building Design, we'll draft your chosen plan and submit it to a builder for a preliminary cost estimate.

Builder Relationships

Over our many years in business, we've built strong relationships with a number of reliable builders. Our builders are familiar with our work and we guarantee that they provide quality estimates. 

We can also meet with any builder you choose to go over our drafts. If you have a preferred professional builder, simply give us a recommendation.

Custom Designs

When you know what your design will cost, you'll have much more freedom to add things you want and exclude the unnecessary. Our team will work with you to create a home that both reflects your personal taste and stays within your price range.

Contact Us for More Information

To request more information on our home drafting services for Perth residents, call Bruce at +61 8 9228 1700. Our staff will help you schedule a consultation to assess your building site and establish your design preferences. We can also handle drafts and cost estimates for home renovations. 

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