What our home designer can do in Perth  

Hire an Award-Winning Home Designer in Perth

When building a new house, you want it to stand out. Why settle for a replica of every other home in your neighbourhood when you can have something that reflects your unique taste? At BJ Building Design, we specialise in turning our clients' dreams into reality.

As a custom home designer in Perth, BJ Building Design has been enhancing the community since 1963. We emphasise a client-centred design process to create stunning homes.

Designs for All Projects

If you don't want to build an entirely new house, we can still help you upgrade your home. We create innovative designs for renovations. Whether you want a new kitchen, a more open layout or a finished basement, we'll help you design it.

With some simple remodelling, you can transform your space into an entirely new living area.

Hands-On Staff

Our skilled design team will help you make your dream house. We'll visit your site and consult with you personally. We'll show you preliminary concepts and sketches of your design, and we can render a 3D computer model before you build.

To make the process even easier for you, our team will consult with your local council to help plan your application submission for the work. We can also give you an initial builder's estimate and add fittings and finishes.

Award-Winning Work

With BJ Building Design, you know you have a premier home designer for your Perth residence. We have received multiple awards on our projects from prominent organizations, such as BDA.

Contact Us for an Appointment

Whether you want to remodel or design a new home, call Bruce at +61 8 9228 1700 to schedule a visit and an onsite consultation.

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