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The Academy Bushi Kempo Syllabus has been constructed to offer students exposure to the most effective techniques to the most commonly encountered situations. Students are encouraged to fully explore each technique and to then choose the variation that best suits them.

The Academy Bushi Kempo Syllabus contains only minor variations from the original "Blue Book Syllabus" brought out from the United Kingdom by Shihan Ian Mason. An abreviated outline of the Syllabus content is shown below.

Grade Belt Colour Skills Tested:
8th Kyu White Belt Academy Code of Honour, Mat and Dojo Etiquette, Safety and Hygiene
7th Kyu Yellow Belt Basic Breakfalls, Stances, Punches, Blocks, Kicks, Standing Arm Locks and Throws
6th Kyu Orange Belt Defenses against Punches, Strangles, Basic Sparring, Knowledge of Japanese Terminology
5th Kyu Green Belt Defenses against Cosh / Baton Attacks, Knife Attacks, Wrist Grabs, Reclining and Recumbent Leg Throws,
Duo System - Series A
4th Kyu Purple Belt Combinations, Strangles, Defenses against Grabs and Strangles, Foot and Leg Sweeps,
Duo System - Series B
3rd Kyu Blue Belt Defenses against Bear Hugs, Belt Strangles and Kicks. Counters to Throws,
Duo System - Series C
2nd Kyu Brown Belt Counters to Holds, Punches and Kicks in Combination, Throws and Arm Locks, Sacrificial Throws,
Duo System - Series D
1st Kyu Red Belt Defences against Bar Chokes, Head Butts, Combination Grabs, Sacrificial Throws as Counters
Shodan Ho Shodan Ho Tai Otoshi Techniques, Sacrificial Throws with Controls, Holds and Locks, Defenses against Half and Full Nelson
1st Dan 1st Dan Demonstration of all techniques learnt in previous belts, Throw Variations and Defenses against Line Up Attacks

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