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Bushi Kempo was developed by the brothers Hand (Dave and Chris) in the UK in the 1960’s and 70’s, a unique blend of the power and speed of Kempo with the subtleties of Ju Jitsu. The system offers each and everyone training in it the facility to adapt it (the system) to them rather than them adapting to it.

Basics consist of stances, blocks, punches and kicks, sparring is introduced to develop evasion, in the early stages, sparring consists of simple one and three step kumite (basic sparring).

After acquiring the basics, students learn how to employ a variety of tried, tested and trusted techniques. These include locks, restraints, controls or arrests, throws, take downs, sweeps, grappling in standing, grappling on the floor, counters to attempted holds or throws, single or group attacks and defences against weapons.

A structured syllabus is utilised in order for the instructor to gauge the advancement of each student, this is denoted by the use of various coloured belts. The format is easy to follow and ensures safe training at all levels throughout training.

Belt Structure

White Belt Yellow Belt Orange Belt Green Belt Purple Belt Blue Belt Brown Belt Red Belt Shodan Ho 1st Dan
White Yellow Orange Green Purple Blue Brown Red Shodan Ho 1st Dan

Progression can and does continue after 1st Dan, the highest ranking Instructor in the System is Kancho David Hand 7th Dan.

Quite literally, the Bushi Kempo syllabus caters for any given situation, it has often been referred to as the "the art of self preservation". The practitioner of Bushi Kempo is armed with a massive arsenal of technique, with which to defend themselves or their loved ones.

Testimony to its efficiency and practicality, is the large number of Police, Prison and Security officers training in the system. They regularly require such skills when dealing with the most unsavoury elements of our community.

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