Unit 2A Applied Information Technology

Term 1

Outline Assessment
Week 1

Course Introduction
• Overview of course of study unit and assessment requirements

 Organisation of personal folders

Rules for buying a Desktop PC
 How computers work

Chapter 1 - Discovering Computers

Week 2

You have been allocated a budget of $6,000.00 to purchase a Personal Computer System that will include Hardware, Software, Peripherals and Internet access.(an ISP subscription)


Week 3
Week 4

Part 1 - Understanding HTML


Part 2 - Introduction to Dreamweaver

Week 5

The Elements and Principles of Design


Week 6
Week 7

Task 1: The Changing Nature of Shopping 

Miss Shoppe is the manager at a local retail clothes outlet. She is very concerned with the increasing number of people shopping online and the declining number of customers venturing into her shop to purchase her products. The shops target market is teens and younger women (15 – 25 years). She has approached you to investigate this trend, and produce a website design to create her own online shop front.
Week 8

This wek you will learn how to build a web site for an online store.

Week 9
Week 10

Task 2: The Changing Nature of Shopping


Miss Shoppe has decided, based on your designs (Task 1), to create an online presence. She sees that it is important to have an online presence as a means of contacting her target audience, promoting her business and potentially selling more products.




Example pic