Unit 2A Applied Information Technology

Week 2


Your major task for this week is detailed below;


You have been allocated a budget of $6,000.00 to purchase a Personal Computer System that will include Hardware, Software, Peripherals and Internet access.(an ISP subscription)


Using newspaper and magazine articles and advertisements, brochures and the Internet you have to source and price the components of this Personal Computer System. (use more than 2 sources of information).


Note: You need to get as close as possible to using the whole $6,000.00 without going over the limit


You should present your results in a table listing; (4 columns)

Column 1. A detailed description of the item including an image (see list below)

Column 2. An explanation why you chose that particular model of item.

Column 3. A supplier (address / web address) MUST BE AUSTRALIAN

Column 4. The price (including delivery charges if coming from eastern states).

Note: Wherever possible you should select the best product available, but because you only have $6,000.00 to spend, this will affect the make or model of each item.


The Process;

Detailed below is a shopping list of the minimum specification of the items you require;


1. A DESKTOP computer with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, a minimum of 4Gb RAM, a 500Gb Disk Drive, and a recordable DVD
2. A 21” Flat Panel LCD Monitor
3. A Colour Printer
4. A Flatbed Scanner
5. A Digital Still Camera

6. A Digital Video Camera
7. An ADSL Broadband Modem
8. An Internet Account (for 12 months)
9. An Operating System
10. Microsoft Office software application
11. Web Creation Software (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver)
12. Image Editing Software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop)
13. Video Editing Software (e.g. Adobe Premier)
14. Sound Editing Software
15. Audio Speakers


NOTE: Some desktop computers may already include items on the list


Computer magazines and web sites often review a number of products and suggest the best value for money.(see column 2 above)

You will have classtime during each lesson to work on this task. A hard copy must be submitted


Where to start:

Deals Direct

Harvey Norman

Arrow Computers



Example pic