Unit 2A Applied Information Technology

Week 7


Task 1: The Changing Nature of Shopping 


The way in which we shop is changing. We spend increasingly more time online seeking entertainment, work and products and this trend is set to continue. This has implications for many small business owners who may need to change their strategies.

Miss Shoppe is the manager at a local retail clothes outlet. She is very concerned with the increasing number of people shopping online and the declining number of customers venturing into her shop to purchase her products. The shops target market is teens and younger women (15 – 25 years). She has approached you to investigate this trend, and produce a website design to create her own online shop front.

You have two weeks to complete this task.

What you need to do:

Part 1:                                                                                                           [20 marks]

Find three existing online retail stores and for each one;
1.         Describe the target audience for the website. Why would the website attract this type of person?
2.         What Elements of Design have been used in creating this website?
3.         How have the Principles of Design been used in creating this website?
4.         What layout and composition principles have used in creating this website?
5.         How easy or difficult is it to navigate through the website. Explain your answer.
6.         In you opinion does the website achieve its goals?


Part 2:                                                                                                           [30 marks]

Produce annotated sketches for two alternative website designs. For each design, sketch both the home page and an inside page.

Write an explanation of the layout and composition principles used in your designs. Also, include detailed descriptions of how you have used the elements to achieve the design principles incorporated into the design.

Part 3:                                                                                                           [10 marks]

Write a recommendation to Miss Shoppe of which design you would suggest as being the most suitable for her business. Give reasons justifying your reason



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