Unit 2A Applied Information Technology

week 9


Task 2: The Changing Nature of Shopping 





Miss Shoppe has decided, based on your designs (Task 1), to create an online presence. She sees that it is important to have an online presence as a means of contacting her target audience, promoting her business and potentially selling more products.



Using one of your designs from task 1 create a website for Miss Shoppe. She has requested that you produce the home page and a minimum of two other pages of the website.


How long will you need?

Three weeks will be allocated to the production of the webpages


What you need to do:

1. Using a suitable application produce a minimum of three webpages with relevent images and buttons linking the pages.


2. Answer the following;


a) Explain your designs in terms of the layout and composition principles used and how you have used the elements to achieve the design principles that you incorporated into the design.


b) How did your final webpages differ from the design sketches presented in task 1 and why did you make the changes?

Example pic