Unit 2B Applied Information Technology

Week 11


Over the remaining weeks you will explore the Impacts of Technology and how it affects the lives we lead. The three areas that will be covered are;


    1. - Copyright Act 1968
    •             Fair Dealing
    •             Private Use
    •             Moral Rights
  • 2. - Privacy Act 1988
    •             collection of personal information
    •             how personal information is used
    •             access to personal information
    •             implications of identity theft
    •             safe disposal of data



  •             appropriate referencing techniques for digital publications
  •             acknowledgement of Intellectual Property owner
  •             digital divide issues
    •                  availability of digital resources
    •                  use of digital technologies
  •                       availability of web based applications


  •             digital citizenship
  •                  responsible use of social networking
  •                  forms of cyber bullying
  •                       strategies to manage/limit cyber bullying
  •             addressing work/life balance issues
  •             social networking
    •                  types
    •                  features
  •             types of virtual communities
    •                  online chat rooms
    •                  virtual worlds
    •                  social network services.
  •             electronic commerce
    •                  implications of improved digital communications
    •                  24/7 communications
    •                  online retail opportunities

            issues related to the dependency of society upon electronic and visual             communication in business.


Lets start by visiting these UK sites First2aMillion and ThinkUKnow Watch the videos, complete the worksheet and then discuss the content in class asking the question "are the issues raised in these videos relevent to the students at your school?"


Secondly, Let's find out what your ethical stance is


Example pic