Unit 2B Applied Information Technology

Week 7


Task 2



Your application for a loan from the bank to establish a Graphic Design business was successful and you now have your first client.


The Crunch&Sip® program requires a series of 15 second animations that will appear on popular websites. Typical sites may include; au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/

www.perthnow.com.au/ and www.gurl.com/ The animations must be of various shapes to appear on different parts of the website.



Design and produce three 15 second animations encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables, and drink water every day as part of the Crunch&Sip® program.


Crunch&Sip have the following requirements for the animations


1. The dimensions of of the three animations must be 300px by 300px, 800px by 100px and 200px by 600px.


2. The animations must run for a maximum time of 15 seconds.


3. The animations must include the essential elements (see below).


4. The animations must include a character based on a fruit or vegtable that will appeal to young children.


5. The colours and text used in the animation must appeal to the target audience.

Target audience:
Primary and secondary students

Essential elements:
• Promote the benefits (eg. health, taste) of eating more fruit and vegetables, and drinking more water
•Link with the Crunch&Sip® program
•Crunch&Sip® logo
•Crunch&Sip® website: www.crunchandsip.com.au



You have six weeks to complete this task.


Steps to take:

Step 1 - investigate characters that are popular with children.

Find six popular characters and create a table with two columns. In the left column place an image of the character and in the right column describe the features that make it popular.


Step 2 - design your own character, produce an annotated sketch of it and write a description of how it will be animated.


Step 3 - produce a storyboard of images detailing how the three animations will run.


Step 4 - Using Adobe Flash create the three animations.


Step 5 - Produce a written explanation of the thought process behind the animations, problems that affected the making of the product, and if the finished products achieved the goals that had been set.


What to submit for marking:

1. Research into suitable characters

2. Annotated sketch of chosen character

3. Description of chosen character

4. Storyboards of annimations

5. Completed Flash annimations

6. Final writeup of analysis of products

Developing good eating habits early helps children grow well and protects them later in life from diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Studies have shown that on any given day three out of five Western Australian primary
school aged children do not eat enough vegetables. Two out of five do not eat enough
fruit. Nearly half do not meet their daily fluid requirements.

Crunch&Sip® is a program that aims to increase the fruit, vegetable and water
consumption of students during the day. It’s a healthy and tasty way to refuel the body and mind, and improve concentration.


Students following the program eat fruit or salad vegetables during a set break in class time. Students also have a water bottle in the classroom to drink water throughout the day. Students can crunch on easy-to-eat whole or cut fruit or vegetables such as a banana, carrot sticks, an apple, pre-cut melon, etc.

Crunch&Sip® is supported by Cancer Council WA and Department of Health Western
Australia. The program is running in over a third of WA primary schools.

Further information: www.crunchandsip.com.au


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