Unit 3A Applied Information Technology

Task 1


3A AIT - Task 1: Marketing Plan (Investigation)


Outcome 1: Technology Process
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Since 2005, Virtual Music Machines, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of virtual textile fabrics in the haptic technology industry. While we are world-renowned for our slim batteries and seamless integration of sensors, we also manufacture fabrics to suit the needs of specialised industry groups. Virtual Music Machines Inc. specialises in the development of virtual clothing.


New Product Line

Virtual Music Machines, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Wearable Instrument Shirt (WIS), which was developed in the CSIRO laboratories. The creator Dr Richard Helmer explains how the shirt works in an interview with Kylie Johnson. Podcast

The WIS has far reaching applications as discussed by Dr Helmer. In Rebecca Thyery’s (2006) article she highlights the use of the WIS has many other applications.

So how does it work I hear you ask. Let’s look at a couple of videos that demonstrate the use of the WIS as an air-guitar.





Article from the Sydney Morning Herald
Article from CSIRO Solve Magazine

Using the above information and other research materials, develop a marketing plan for the ‘Wearable Instrument Shirt (WIS)”, to be presented to the directors of Virtual Music Machines, Inc.


What you need to do:


Research haptic technologies and other competitors for the “WIS” to assist you in the development of your marketing plan. To do this you should:

• investigate the uses of the WIS
• view examples of existing competitors products; how are they different from the WIS
• use a suitable notetaking framework to compare the needs of users of the WIS and the impact that this may have on the organisation. You will need to analyse this information to help you prepare a suitable marketing plan for the diectors of Virtual Music Machines, Inc.
Outcome 1

Examples of Competitors

The Levi Jacket

The Hokie Suit

The Hug Shirt

Wearable Technologies


Wii Music

Guitar Hero



The first stage of developing a marketing plan is in gaining an understanding of consumer behaviour. Key activities of situational analysis are:

• SWOT analysis (Free SWOT Analysis Template)
• Product analsysis
• Competitor analysis
Outcome 1

The second stage is in the establishment of marketing objectives for the product within the business goals of the organisation. Key outcomes of establishing marketing objectives are:

• Increase Market Share
• Increase Profits
• Enter New Markets
• Develop New Products
Outcome 1

A key to success in all new business opportunities is the identification of target markets for your product. In the next phase of the marketing plan you will need to conduct extensive market research in order to identify each target market and the characteristics of each group. This will involve both primary and secondary reach methods.
Outcome 1


The final phase of the marketing plan is in the development of a marketing strategy. This is achieved through he application of the marketing mix (4P’s);

• Product
• Price
• Promotion
• Place
Outcome 1


Use a suitable format to communicate your final marketing plan; considering the purpose, audience and client for your proposal. In addition, include a:

• glossary of terminology (explaining any unfamiliar concepts and terms associated with your marketing plan)
• comprehensive bibliography of your information sources.
• are there any special considerations you needed to include to cater for your audience?
• use appropriate technical terminology.
Outcome 3


Use in a journal or design document record the tools, skills and techniques used to present your marketing plan:

• record your progress in the development of your marketing plan;
• reflect on issues and problems that you have had along the way;
• include a time plan and concept map for your progress; (Free online concept maps)
Outcome 3


What needs to be submitted for assessment?

  • Evidence of your investigation (notes, tables, drafts etc.)
  • Marketing Plan suitable for the directors of Virtual Music Machines, Inc
  • Glossary of terminology and bibliography of sources.
  • Journal or Design Document: planning, reflection and task review

Note: It is suggested that this product will take two (2) to three (3) weeks to complete.


Handout of Task 1 plus Marking Key


Example of a Marketing Plan

Example pic