Unit 3A Applied Information Technology

Task 2


3A AIT - Task 2: Marketing Pitch (Performance/Production)


Outcome 1: Technology Process
Outcome 2: Understanding ICT
Outcome 3: Quality of Information Solutions



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In your marketing plan you identified the various target markets for your product. Virtual Music Machines, Inc. has now requested that you identify a marketing strategy that you will use to pitch the Air Guitar Shirt to your potential users of the product.


They initially feel that the target market should be both male and female in the age range from mid-teens to mid-twenties as they see this age group having a disposable income and the time to play computer games. They also suggest that you start by producing an image poster that can be displayed alongside the product (or other high traffic areas) in retail outlets. The design of this poster should also be adaptable (by altering or removing elements) for magazine or newspaper advertisements. Virtual Music Machines are also considering a campaign of Viral Marketing to promote the product.


In this task you will be required to develop information products that you will use to promote your product.



What you need to do:


1. Individually carry out your production process from Task 1 to develop your marketing pitch for your product. Apply your skills in software and hardware to develop your marketing pitch:

• what skills will you need to use?

• are there any skills that you need to learn?

2. Develop your marketing pitch for your product:

• apply standards and conventions appropriate to your information product

• keep in mind your target market. Are there any special requirements you need to consider for your target market?

• are there any special effects that you may need to include for your target market?

3. Test your marketing pitch using a methodology that you are familiar with. Remember to:

• develop some specific evaluative questions for your target market that will evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing pitch in meeting your target market needs. Include these in your testing

• have a person from your target market evaluate your marketing pitch and make suggestions for improvement. Note these suggestions in your design document

• have you changed the your marketing pitch as a result of the feedback? Reflect on the changes in your design document.

What needs to be submitted for assessment?

• Marketing pitch information products (20 Marks)

• Evaluative questions (5 Marks)

• Testing results in an appropriate format (5 Marks)

• Design Document: planning, reflection and task review (20 Marks)


Note: It is suggested that this product will take two (2) to three (3) weeks to complete.


Handout of Task 2 plus Marking Key

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