Unit 3A Applied Information Technology


3A AIT -Task 3: Intelligent Textiles (Response)

Outcome 2: Understanding ICT
Outcome 3: Quality of Information Solutions (Additional)
Outcome 4: ICT in Society


Social Implications and Trends
Workplace Practices and Careers



“As mobile computing spreads into more fields of human activity, the search is on for simpler non-traditional ways of interacting with computers. Intelligent textiles worn by users are strong contenders for this role.

Mobile computer users will reap the benefits as researchers at CSIRO create exciting human–computer interfaces, using their knowledge of advanced intelligent textiles.”

It's not rocket science... it's rockin' science (Compatibility). Online, 20/12/2006.


Dr Richard Helmer identifies in his interview with Kylie Johnson a number of applications of this technology on other work environments and industries. Select one of these alternative applications of the technology and prepare a presentation, podcast or report that provides an overview of the impact of this technology on your particular chosen industry or work environment.



What you need to do:


Using a suitable framework and a variety of sources conduct research into the use of intelligent textiles within your chose industry or workplace. Consider the following in your research: (10 marks)


1. Impact in individuals, communities and environments

  • Effect of intelligent textiles on attitudes and relationships of individuals.
  • How the quality of information has influenced people’s decisions and opinions.
  • Evaluate the economic, social and cultural consequences of the use of intelligent textiles within the industry or workplace.

2. Ethical considerations of the use of these technologies within the industry or workplace.

  • Is there a need for Government regulation or legislation?

3. Effects of the convergence of these technologies on the presentation, communication and manipulation of information within the industry or workplace.

Outcome 4


Investigate the effects of intelligent textiles and how they impact on work roles within your chosen industry or workplace Use a suitable framework to present your notes.(10marks)


1. What changes would an industry or workplace need to make to incorporate intelligent textiles.

  • Hardware and software required.
  • Processes that may have to be incorporated,

2. Roles within the industry or workplace that may change as a result of the introduction of intelligent textiles.

Outcome 4


Develop your presentation, podcast or report into the use of intelligent textiles in your chosen industry or workplace: (10 marks)

  • apply standards and conventions appropriate to your product
  • keep in mind your target market. Are there any special requirements you need to consider for your target market?
  • are there any special effects that you may need to include for your target market?

Outcome 2
Outcome 3


What needs to be submitted for assessment?


  • Evidence of research in a suitable framework (notes, tables etc.) (10 marks)
  • Presentation, podcast or report for the use of intelligent textiles in an industry or workplace of your choice. (20 marks)

Note: It is suggested that this product will take two weeks to complete.


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