Unit 3A Applied Information Technology

Task 5


3A AIT - Task 5: (Digital Portfolio)

Portfolio Activities


Your Digital Portfolio is a web site created in Adobe Dreamweaver that will contain your completed coursework for the unit and will assist in your revision for the Tertiary Entrance Examination at the end of Semester 2.


Step 1 - Create a master page using CSS;

(How to create a page in CSS Part 1) and (How to create a page in CSS Part 2)


1. The impact of ICT on Individuals, Communities and Environments
2. Values, Ethics and Inclusivity
3. Past and Emerging Trends
4. Hardware Components and Functions
5. Applications and System Software
6. Design and Acquisition of Hardware and Software
7. Nature, Forms and Transfer of Data
8. Processing and Managing the Data
9. Creative Application of Information Design Principles
10. Career, Work and Jobs
11. Work Environments and Legislation
12. Technology Processes in the Workplace


Week 1 Activity


On page 8 of your Digital Portfolio (Processing and Managing the Data) add the following heading and write a paragraph summarising the topic (Discovering Computers, Chapter 10)


1. Databases, Data and Information

2. The Hierarchy of Data

3. Maintaining Data

4. File Processing versus Databases

5. Database Management Systems


Week 2 Activity


This week you are investigating the components of the system unit. Read Chapter 4 of "Discovering Computers 2009" In you Digital Portfolio write a brief summery under the following headings;


1. The System Unit

2. The Processor
3. Data Representation

3. The Memory

4. Expansion Slots and Adapter Cards

5. Ports and Connectors

6. Mobile Computers and Devices


Week 3 Activity


This week you are investigating System Software. Read Chapter 8 of Discovering Computers 2008 (see handout) and in your Digital Portfolio on the 5. Applications and Systems Software page write a brief explanation of the following headings;

1. Operating Systems


2. Operating System Functions

  • Starting a computer
  • Providing a User Interface
  • Managing Programs
  • Managing Memory
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Configuring Devices
  • Establishing an Internet Connection
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Providing File Management and other Utilities
  • Controlling a Network
  • Administering Security

    3. Operating System Utility Programs

  • File Manager
  • Search Utility
  • Image viewer
  • Personal Firewall
  • Uninstaller
  • Disk Scanner
  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Diagnostic Utility
  • Backup Utility
  • Screen Saver

    4. Types of Operating Systems


    5. Stand-Alone Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac OS X
  • UNIX
  • Linux

    Week 4 Activity


    This week you will be checked on your progress in producing a Digital Portfolio


    Week11 Activity (Term 2 week 1)


    This week you are updating two more sections of your Digital Portfolio;

    9. Creative Application of Information Design Principles

    Using the following headings write a brief explanation of each with illustrations;

    • eyeflow and principle of gravity
    • line
    • size and proportion
    • space
    • shape (form)
    • contrast
    • colour
    • balance
    • alignment
    • unity, repetition and sequence

    (Note: use the handout from "Introduction to Document Design" by Natcoll Publishing and the links given in weeks 9 & 10 of term 1)


    2. Values, Ethics and Inclusivity

    Using the following headings write a brief explanation of each, including examples;

    • information accuracy
    • intellectual property rights
    • codes of conduct
    • information privacy
    • electronic profiles
    • cookies
    • spyware and adware
    • spam
    • phishing
    • social engineering
    • employee monitoring
    • content filtering


    Example pic