Unit 3A Applied Information Technology

Week 11



Section 11. Values, Ethics and Inclusivity

Using the following headings write a brief explanation of each, including examples;

  • information accuracy
  • intellectual property rights
  • codes of conduct
  • information privacy
  • electronic profiles
  • cookies
  • spyware and adware
  • spam
  • phishing
  • social engineering
  • employee monitoring
  • content filtering




Your elderly relatives would like to buy a computer and connect to the internet so that they can email other friends and relatives, send and receive photos, carry out banking and bill payments and maybe shop online. Knowing that you are taking a computer course at school they have asked you to explain the things that they should be careful about when going online. From reading newspapers and watching the news they have put together a list of things they don't understand.

  1. electronic profiles
  2. cookies
  3. spyware
  4. adware
  5. spam
  6. phishing
  7. social engineering
  8. identity theft


You have to hand-write a letter to them explaining as clearly as possible the things that are concerning your elderly relatives and how they can avoid them when using the computer. Remember that you don't want to stop them buying a computer, just to make them understand what they need to be aware of when going online.

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